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Last evening I had the unique pleasure to attend a Zine launch in Toronto that featured poetry reading and an Open Mic opportunity for whomever was brave enough to bare their creative soul to ideally, a critical audience of like-minded writers and lovers of poetry.  With the aid and encouragement of a good friend to take the mic, I plunged in and, for the first time, Expose my Naykd self to a live audience. To say it was impacting would be an understatement and, to commemorate the event, I wrote the following:

Open Mic

Electronically echoing foreign musings
By frequency word of song in poem
Cerebral, creatively conjured
Uncensored, undeterred, broadcast
Intent on embellishment to thought
Altering recipient perception by its infusion
Initiating synaptic creation by its uniqueness
Transforming, altering traditional response

Manifesting reaction; forever altering living destiny



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  1. June 8, 2015 at 10:35

    get the top tide movement motors around


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