Tommorow’s End?


As living witness to decades of global history in the making, present to experience several international, national and regional military wars and civil conflicts, human rights abuses; obvious environmental polluting and dissemination through strip mining, deforestation and, similar industrial-commercial level agricultural activity; the fundamental cause and purpose has been by the design and reasoning by those elected and/or appointed to objectively serve in the best interest of  majority of fellow earthly inhabitants but in truth, ultimately, represent a minority, monetarily powerful, greedy and, self-interested élite cabal.

History well documents the political rhetoric and spilled blood of past revolutionary uprising spawned by cycles of repression by those whom believe it possible to cultivate a socio-economic climate that renders majority of a nation’s Peoples a life of submission and servitude while reaping the major benefit of its productivity. Though the current global economic and social crisis seems ripe for instigation of a contemporary revolution, it need first face an increasingly invasive and purvasively intrusive advanced communication technology and security infrastructure, a malevolent response to contrived, counter-terrorism fears that are willingly embraced by naïve, il-informed, consumerist motivated generation of youth.

In direct response to the global financial melt-down commenced 2007 that persists to date, is the Occupy Movement. A spontaneous collaboration of predominantly middle-class citizens of all ages and disciplines, the poor and down-trodden marching, demonstrating in defiance to the greed and criminality of the financial institutions directly responsible for the crisis and, the ineptness of national governments to  equitably and lawfully hold said institutions accountable.  Truly, a national and global revolutionary movement against the world’s elite, captioned the ‘one-percent’, versus the `99-percent’ of global citizens represented by the Movement.

Political leaders of all affected nations wasted little time to make universally known; their allegiance is to the power élite by quashing the Occupy Movement  as quickly as it had started.

For any one person to not recognize and acknowledge the strategic state of chaos being manufactured and imposed under the guise of global terrorism and immanent financial collapse demanding the full submission and rendering of human-rights of all common People’s to the will and control of the power élite and their political minions, is to acknowledge their dire-state of ignorance and abdication from responsibility to allow for such a state.

Every sector comprising global, civil-society is in a dire state of flux: elected governmental authority, guardians to the rights of the People, are impudent in their leadership, unwilling to defy the tyranny of global financial institutions grown too large and powerful as to supersede even the force of civil-law; religious institution in the name of the Vatican, crumbling under the weight of scandal leading to the sudden retirement of the Pope, only to have occurred once ever before over 600 years ago; unrelenting pursuance and decimation of ‘whistle-blowers’, those among us whom moral state of consciousness demands they speak out against the establishment engaged in illegal, inhumane and immoral propriety.

It is the collective of all that could be wrong and corrosive to a healthy, well-functioning, morally free civil society that has embraced itself with and by consent of the few whom have usurped their authority and taken control.

The power of the ‘ill-doers’ is heavily entrenched, buttressed with an increasingly militarized police authority to support their definition of civil order; a heavily intrusive surveillance mechanism to thwart discontent at its inception; an acquiescent judicial and media community to dismay `whistle-blowers’ from speaking out; and, full control and manipulation of economies and money supply.

Given these dire and seemingly insurmountable odds against majority of humanity ever regaining their inalienable right to equality and pursuance of freedoms for a quality life and liberty to which all are born leads to ask: Is this witness to Tomorrow’s End ?.

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