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It is often stated and generally accepted; most accounts of historical significance such as war, politics and such are documented through the less than objective eyes of the victor or dominant force at play. Rare is therr an opportunity to witness counter account(s) through the eyes of the loser, which of course too, one need question the objectivity of such account. Regardless, whether one choses to believe; victor or loser, to gain insight from both perspective, leads to a fuller appreciation for what in the end, most actually transpired.

The following video The Greatest Story NEVER Told! details the events leading to World War II as told from a German perspective. It is a comprehensive detailing of the politics and circumstances that led Hitler to start what contemporary history cites as the reason WWII started; Germany’s attack on Poland.

One obvious bias reflected by the German producer of this documentary is the glaring avoidance of the persecution of the Jews throughout the conflict though here too, is to question the veracity of historical record on this relevant topic.

The relevance to viewing this documentary today is to enlighten and recognize how strident and at times short-sighted, self-interests of nation’s political leaders will/can misrepresent the truth imposing unnecessary death and suffering of countless millions of innocent common Peoples.  The states-men and politicians who offer up the blood and treasure of their nation if for no other reason than glory and a place in history.

With the recent death of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela,  whose primary aim to raise the Peoples out of poverty at the expense of western capitalist interests, gives reason to heed the lesson offered by this video: it is all a matter of perspective..

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