Dreamt Dreamer Dreaming


Dreamt Dreamer Dreaming

dreaming of the dreamer
dreaming the dream
dreamed by the dreamer
dreaming the dream dreamt

Like many others, I am intrigued by the state of Dreaming.  A phenomenon majority of people and animals experience. Much research has gone into determining the function of dreams and as much, into the esoteric explanation of what they mean.

Typically dreams are suggested to represent a metaphorical unscrambling portrayal of the subconscious experience of daily conscious activity.

It is not my intent here to delve into the science and/or mythology of the dream state but, to relate to recent dream experiences I find especially intriguing in hopes that others may have had similar experience and can offer their insight and interpretation.

Firstly, one significant trait of my dream experience is that they seem to be episodal meaning; the dream will start where the same dream experience had some time in the past, ended and, it will hold to its own memory of that overall dream experience.

Next, I have awoken from three dream state levels: I awoke from a dream only to awaken again from that dream, only to awaken again into full consciousness of this reality.

Lastly, the most recent experience might be referred to as a Lucid dream state: I stated within the dream sequence the awareness that what was transpiring was in effect a dream. Specifically, I appeared to be revelling and partying with unseen friends amongst others. As I became very boisturous and behaving badly and out of character it came to me that all was fine because this was just a dream and, with that awareness, I pronounced to everyone this was just a dream so I could behave in this foolish manner. At one a point, a couple sitting at a table with their son, caught my attention. In the process of explaining to them I was just dreaming I asked the boy; what is your name?. He replied: ‘Joe’ to which I responded by shaking his hand telling him that it too was my name. The boy nor the parents had any resemblence to either me or my parents.  The father curiously asked me to explain my claim this was just a dream to which I explained my fascination and experience with dreams but as I began, I became consciously concerned of being able to distinguish reality when I would finally awaken. This caused me to do just that: awaken.

I will just add that this played as though I was looking through the view finder of a camera, the only point I saw myself in the dream was when I reached out to shake the boy’s hand and then, it was just my forearm and hand.

It is the second most recent experience of fully acknowledging that I was participating in a dream thus my actions were inconsequental. The first, not quite as detailed, occurred about two weeks ago. I can only relate to it as a converging awareness of being in a dream while conscious to reality. It is difficult to fully explain but it was though half my mind awoke and the other remained asleep or unconscious. When finally awake. I had quite the headache and left a bit confused.

It has been a long time ambition to consciously acknowledge within a dream that it being such, my actions and/or behaviour were inconsequential to conscious reality. It is quite liberating though comfounding, experience.

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