reality asserts itself

Borrowing from The Real New Network’s (trnn.com) interview series titled: REALITY ASSERTS ITSELF and, in reaction to a new series of interviews titled: Hedges and Binney on Obama NSA guidelines – Reality Asserts Itself Pt.1 :

Reality Asserts Itself

An increasingly disturbing Reality, not to belie
Though a subversive body of exaggerated wealth
A global-cabal, is adamant to try.

The role of political national governance
Goes beyond the pale;
This duly elected, legislative body,
Increasingly considers humanity a viable sale.

The unabashed power of the central few
Gather with public eyes wide shut;
To discuss secretively, what next to do,
While the mass-consumer digs deeper, a debt-laden rut.

Conspiratorial voices clamber to sound the alarm
Of the growing tyranny of a global fascist regime;
Producing irrefutable evidence of truth to freedom’s harm;
While mainstream media stays lost, promoting their delusional dream.

Technological distractions designed to placate a disturbing reality
To counter any mass-ambition to take-a–stand, to fight;
The growing dissolution of individual freedoms and liberty
Questioning: Where will it all lead, what end is in sight?

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