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True Peace: a poem

true peace


Summer’s Sun

summer's heat

The all too familiar hum; lawn-mowers manicuring lawns that line the street,
A quaint reminder of the soon to arrive bliss, of Summer’s golden heat.

The brutal cold, the snowy blast of Winter’s storm, desired to be forgot;
Full knowing, it is a painful trial paid, for the most joyful season of four sought.

Much to do about the woes of climate change and, global warming’s effects;
Given the chance to choose between bitter cold or balmy heat, the latter wins I bet.

Though, the ills affecting the world from calamitous, thunderous seasonal storms;
The want to bask under the golden rays of Summer’s Sun remains, for most, the norm.


new book release: reflection – response

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book of poetry titled:

REFLECTION – RESPONSE  through the voice of poetry.

As an introduction, this collection of poems is premised on reflection of the many important and diverse issues facing the global human community today and, through the voice of poetry, express my personal response to a perceived affect these issues are having on human, societal evolution.  Interspersed amongst these poems are several reflecting a personal philosophy toward life, sexuality and the environment.

I hope you will take a few moments to visit my Self-publishing website by clicking on the image below to review the contents of this book and,  I would be further honored if you found it worthy of purchasing at a reasonable cost.  It is available as Soft-cover and Hard-cover issues.

Thank you in advance for your time in this regard.






Walnut Trees

Walnut Trees

Walnut Trees

Binary Souls

Entombed to the Wood

Born to this world

To Know

To experience the tides of time

A living memeory

For all to see

To All, to know

Walnut Trees

Ominous yet, strikingly graceful, towering tall,

With wind-swept leaf laden branches too strong to fall;

Their thick, deeply channeled bark speaks to a timeless stand,

Defying death by disease growing mighty and grand.

Age-old witness to the passage of human history,

Intolerant to cycles of drought and winter misery;

Here only to serve their natural purpose; to purify Earth’s air,

Their lushful green grandeur of beauty; a gift to humanity to share.

As with all that is natural, an end time will one day come

When the boldness of their presence, no longer hides the Sun;

A sad day truly, for all whom have failed to witness, to see,

This wonder of nature’s doing, these centuries old, Walnut trees.


Earth’s Largess


Morning Sun rises to horizon’s shining glory

Golden rays energy to imbue the day’s story

Full essence of nature composes the coming day

Life for love’s fulfillment makes its ubiquitous play

Earthly bounty given for all to imbibe, to enjoy

Cornucopia of texture, color and sounds to employ

Calming tranquility of crystal-water brooks

Source to feed human senses beyond that spoken in books

Easily is lost awareness to what nature freely brings

Lush flora, fauna, animal cries that sing

Faith given to coldness of technology, running away from the rest

Modern-man has grown to ignore Earth’s largess.


this life’s place


it’s a sunny day but a cold wind blows

the kind of day it normally snows

though Spring season is formally here

by all accounts this fact has not been made clear

the seemingly endless months of winter’s norm

renders the mind grey as a raging storm

pointless seems the need from bed to arise

especially when snow-flakes float before your waking eyes

woh’s me; want away from this infused-winter gloom

endless back and forth strides in my living room

if this spring-summer’s warmth fails to soon arrive

It’s not sure how much longer this life’s place – I will abide!


Fractal Cycle To Reality


Cosmic conscious’ wave cascading, rippling through universal mind of One affecting the transcendence of effable energy force to the enigmatic presence of Being, cellular  morphing thought-mind genesis creation of All emanating as fractal reality, programmed  dissolution of Body, sole Soul reason to experience tactile, sensory presence of cosmic conscious’ wave cascading, rippling……

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