Warriors of the Covenant

`Journey, Awareness, Redemption, Rapture’

It came to pass in the beginning, contrary to orthodox belief in the Genesis of human-kind on this Earth, that a demon false god cast with a fury, Adam from the Garden for his indiscretion in eating from the Tree of Knowledge, reserving for Eve and her progeny, by impregnating her with his fertile seed, the infinite curse to promulgate Evil throughout generations of human-kind to be borne, that their numbers become a billion fold, to be soldiers awaiting the return of this demon god, to rise up, empowered by the full energy of darkness, like a black hole.

Adam, having eaten of the Tree of Knowledge thus possessing the Truth of Divine Light was taken by Angel messengers to the true Divine Creator God who took from him a rib as to create a second Eve so that their union would carry the Seed of Knowledge given Adam, to be carried forth throughout generations of human-kind, yet to be borne.

Thus was the genesis of Light versus Darkness that has come upon this Earth, the seeming infinite battle of good versus evil.

Yet now into this the second millennium, amongst the many, comes one man driven by unseen forces to discover this knowledge of truth such as to give him strength to seek and gather those whom, upon sharing in this Divine truth, join in the conquest to confront those souls borne to darkness of evil, that they too, through death, may once again, be borne to the Truth of Light.

A vessel of Knowledge
Contained, preserved
Hidden from the masses
The truth to all – the Word

A soldier of ignorance
Starved from dearth in knowledge
Craved to drink, to feed
To fulfill a driven need

Blind guidance did direct
The soldier of promise to find
The secret of the vessel to beget
The fruit within to feed his mind

The sustenance – the imbibe
Knowledge to the Truth – the Light
To the soldier’s wisdom did reside
Purpose being made right

The solder armed with Truth to profess
Spoke until an army had risen
The Enlightened – those confessed
Evil from whom was driven

The Spirit of Light given to shine
Their soul to life did spark inside
Giving mind and body combined
To God to reside

The Soldier – Knight of Light
On winged steed of power did ride
Sabers of Truth drawn to Fight
Legions of Goodness, to his left, to his right

Charging toward Darkness
An army of Evil contrived
By demon god’s Genesis
Solders of blackened heart inside

Fierce battles of Darkness to Light
Bloodied swords slay down spears of pain
Countless century’s destiny to fight
For Goodness in human-kind to sustain

Death of Evil given to a Rebirth
Of Soul’s spirit within
For All of this Earth
Be Forgiven, to absolve, Mortal Sin.

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