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The art of poetry is to conjure thoughts profound
At times achieved by the mere use – of just one word
But in the end it’s to its readers to astound
Or to render it all – utterly absurd

Poetry may be reflective or devil-may-care
But for certain, it comes from being aware
The tool of its conveyance need not be exact
For it is the essence of its message – sought to extract

Hence, should one encounter a poem or two
Be certain to this to do:

  Enter with an open mind
    Read with nay a pre-intent

    Look within its words to find
    Its essence – its nectar potent


Word’s Offering

I, author, write to express my inner thoughts
The thoughts that conjure emotion’s image
Be they emotions dark and foreboding
Or joyful treasures of happiness and love
Regardless, these verbal image reflections of my soul
I offer up freely to those whom fate guides
To find within, an insight of common reflection
That by its course, a transient moment of happiness and tranquility
Is there-in, to be found.

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