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naykd poetry

You are invited to preview my latest addition of self-published books titled: NAYKD POETry; a provocative collection of poems and prose reflective of the sexual renascence presently being enjoyed especially within the Lesbian and Gay communities around the world. Though graphic by its nature, sexual expression of this form is not meant to be exploitive but rather, robustly exhilarating for the libido and fertile to the imagination, dwelling on the lustfully erotic.



Word’s Offering

I, author, write to express my inner thoughts
The thoughts that conjure emotion’s image
Be they emotions dark and foreboding
Or joyful treasures of happiness and love
Regardless, these verbal image reflections of my soul
I offer up freely to those whom fate guides
To find within, an insight of common reflection
That by its course, a transient moment of happiness and tranquility
Is there-in, to be found.


new book release

I have just released my latest book comprised of poems, prose and essays. The subject of these writings I hope you will find as not only intriguing and entertaining but stimulating to an otherwise unfamiliar thought. Please click on the link to preview this extensive collection of some my most recent works. Thanks and enjoy. PS: it would help greatly if you showed your appreciation by purchasing a copy at a very reasonable cost. Thanks again

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