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End of Human Existence

With little doubt, most around the world are consumed by the onslaught of the pandemic: COVID 19. The daily increase in number of deaths arising from its seemingly relentless spread. A spread by conveyance from one human individual, to another. 

Public Health officials, on all levels globally, are failing to persuade the broader public to the efficacy of the corona virus spread, and its potential lethalness with mortality reaching  into the several thousands globally.

Witnessing the blatant ignorance of humanity, of all nations, ignoring the warnings broadcast through the Media; the seriousness, and potentially devastating outcome by ignoring calls for self-isolation, social distancing, and quarantine if infected; there is given,  a sense of ironic, black humor to the `death-wish’ transpiring:

The bold, and beautiful array of human ignorance, on global display; when defiance to a truth to condition brings death, and sufferance their way, through ignorance to edict to obey: stay away; were it even, but for a moment on any given day.

Charting its invisible, pathogen course without human assistance, means meeting acceptance without resistance, by they whom seem persistent, to making its deathly journey consistent; and,  its ultimate success: the end of Human Existence.

Social Distancing



The Chosen

My mind anchored in the soil of reality
Yearns for its uprooting from this domain
Broad and wide the search to the answer
Presence of its promise by witness to others
Given the wisdom to its seeing, a gift to behold
But not from words can it be told

Floundering on this plain of mortality
Desperate to enter the light of its knowledge
Yet left feeling dismayed, not being of the chosen few
Those who have `eyes’ to its seeing,
Ears to hear its call,
Wisdom to know its reading,
Before death to incarnation, takes its toll.

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