It’s been quite cold and windy for several days
So indoors is where I’ve tended to stay
To pass the idle hours with lack of things to play
I’ve taken to write, to have my say
So with nothing standing in my way
These thoughts I wish to convey:

The world has become a convoluted place
Six billion plus souls comprised of many a race
Let’s not forget, and of every kind of faith
Both source to acts of human evil and disgrace

Turmoil and chaos seem incessant and growing
Instant communications has everyone knowing
That money and blood are things most flowing
And backward seems progress is truly going

Fiat currencies seem to have met their match
Ponsi schemes to wealth are becoming unlatched
Thieving bankers getting richer and unable to catch
Well the common man runs out of `scratch’

Technology the scourge of automated wars
Politicians and lobbyists obliging whores
Consumerism still the ultimate lure
Global bankruptcy might become the final cure

Progress’ pollution disputed as foul weather’s cause
Yet it continues despite enforcement of countless laws
The question to be asked: what will be the last straw?
To show humanity it is the cause, the flaw!

Sorrowful is this bit of verbal tripe
Of how I’ve come to view this dire, modern life
It is not spoken out of any kind of spite
It is to wish for something to make it right.








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