Pathology to Society’s Psychopathic State-of-Mind

Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack conscience and empathy, making them manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal. They are an object of popular fascination and clinical anguish: psychopathy is largely impervious to treatment. (www.psychologytoday.com/basics/psychopathy‎)

Reflecting upon the seemingly incessant, global conflagrations and transgressions instigated by foreign policies of predominately western, democratically elected governments; hence with the concurrence and acquiescence of its populace; wars, sanctions and similar persecutions inflicted upon lesser nations and its Peoples, reasoned as humanitarian and altruistic in their motivation; is it unjust to identify the behavior of western civil society over the past, several decades as psychopathic in nature?

Examination of history documenting the motivations that instigate conflict, be it regional or international, often produces a conflicting picture of accountability of reason and responsibility given that such history is more often than not, written by the victor. This potential for biasing the factors for resolve of conflict undermines deriving the truths to its rational justification. Therefore, what remains to decipher rationale leading to justification and validity for past conflict(s) is/are the manner and method(s) of its execution/resolution. Namely, the balance of destructive power versus diplomatic resolution.

It is easy to recognize that the reasons/rationale that contribute to conflict, to any degree among nations, most often is not a simple binary matter of dispute. Too, conflict as physical war typically, is represented publicly as the least probable of potential responses. However, it is here the basis for evidence of psychopathic behavior is most likely to be found.

Ultimately. war to any degree. by virtue of its enormous human and financial cost, disruption if not dissolution of civil social order, is easily definable as psychopathic. It remains therefore, to which of the parties to the conflict is more psychopathic than the other.

To explore this assertion, the turmoil that has enveloped the globe commencing with the attack on the World Trade Centre infamously refereed to as 9-11; as prime illustration to pathology of psychopathy is the reaction to 9-11 as exhorted by governments of the United States, and its Coalition allies such as Great Britain, France, Germany and other lesser Nations but not to exclude Israel and their mutual allies throughout the Middle East, principally Saudi Arabia.

To detail  the evolution of the conflicts arising from the United States’ direct retaliation for 9-11, primarily against countries comprising the Middle Eastern region, would take a book.  However, what can be gleaned from the pathology of events commencing with the immediate bombardment of Afghanistan in a failed attempt to capture Osama Bin Laden and his band of warriors known as Al Quadi, the purported principal perpetrator of 9-11; and, the later March 2003 `Shock and Awe’ attack of Iraq on erroneous justification Saddam Hussein both assisted in the 9-11 event and, had attained the ability to produce nuclear weapons hyped as `Weapons of Mass Destruction’ or, WMD’s for short; is a product of a psychopathic mindset of all parties responsible for crucial decisions by officials of national governments leading to the malaise that exists not only throughout the Middle East, but globally today.

It is clearly evident the individuals comprising the American neoconservative (neocon) establishment are to be deemed responsible for goading the Bush-Chaney Administration into attacking Iraq under false pretense, it is too clearly evident they met with little to no resistance but were in fact, emulated for their efforts. Further, the abdication of international mass-media’s responsibly to journalistically report factually the circumstances that eventually led to invasion of Iraq; the Joint Chiefs of Staff advising and directing the coalition war machine are but a few to be name as responsible. However, though the names of those directly responsible fade from human consciousness, these same individual, human souls must bear the label of `psychopath’ for the false wisdom and leadership that’s contributed to global events that continue to unfold.

Essentially, as of the date to this writing, twelve plus years have lapsed since 9-11 and the turmoil, bloodshed and massive destruction of established civilizations not only continues, but is expanding throughout the Middle Eastern region and beyond with little hope for its ending in sight.

In conclusion; it is as much to state, with a degree of pessimistic confidence, the entire global population by its seeming  acquiescence to the actions of global leadership, revolves within a pathetic, psychopathic state of mind.

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