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To better understand and comprehend the world as we are coming to know it, the reason for what is evolving, one need look at the history to what makes it so; and this comprehensive BBC documentary is a good start to that end:


What A Mess


Reviewing my library of poems written over the past several years it is astonishing how they unequivocally relate to our current times. The irony, I would presume, lies in the knowledge that the poem was written reflecting upon issues of the time; 2009 to be exact, yet readily still apply to conditions unfolding today. Thus giving credence to the conclusion offered at the end of this poem. 

What A Mess

Have I finally succumb?  After years of exploring, investigating, researching, what ever you want to call it, of all things political, religious, sociological, economic, scientific, metaphysical, paranormal, etc, etc, I have come to a conclusion: WE ARE FUCKED!

Since time began humanity has been on the climatic path to a calamitous end it has long anticipated yet has been cultivated to lack the innate intelligence to fully recognize its presence when it inevitably stares them in the proverbial face.

A proliferation of differing perspectives on everything from the origins of our presence on this planet to the question of whether our reality is, in fact, REAL!  And a more pervasive confluence of idea relates to the prospects of our future, continued existence.

A distracting spectrum of opinions as to our future existence has developed incorporating ideas ranging from annihilation due to planetary bodies colliding with Earth in 2012 to global pandemics brought on by drug-resistant strains of bacteria to succumbing to dominance by interstellar beings with mind controlling powers.

Now to complicate the stress all these uncertainties are inflicting upon humanity there is the looming doom, the gloom, and foreboding of a global financial crisis to which a significant part of the industrialized world’s population has no idea of how to survive.  The cultivated dependence on a collapsing infrastructure of social safety nets and social support systems will only lead to further chaos and strife.

The advent of the Internet has spawned a myriad of rationalization of truth to causes and effect and the avocation to their solution for survival against the countless sources to the demise of humanity and modern civilization as have developed to date, only adds to the confusion and chaos that is permeating the world

The conditions are ripe for self proclaimed guru’s, prophets and other like-minded personalities to advocate their solution(s) to these real and perceived problems to rise up to take advantage of the thousands of souls that have been coddled in the delusion of being `cared for’ or the belief – faith in divinity that will conquer all man-made hardship.

Frankly, were there to exist a RESTART BUTTON that would absolve this planet of this corrupt humanity that has evolved upon it – NOW would be the time for that BIG FINGER in the sky to just PUSH IT!


Demanding of Goodness


world divide

Deeper into evil’s darkness as the world recedes;
Disregarding how much its populations are made to bleed;
Inspired by ill-gotten wisdom of those who purport to lead;
Demanding the loud outcry of opposition’s struggle plead.

The forces of evil have found their needed start
By national leaders chosen with deceitful, evil heart
Set to tear all that has been made good, apart;
Demanding remedy capable to outwit, to outsmart.

The future for humankind seems increasingly bleak,
Incarceration of those who attempt to outwardly speak,
Militarized police beating down demonstrations in the streets;
Demanding the full goodness of all humanity for this enemy to defeat.


What Monumental Event?


Awakening to this world increasingly in disarray,
When will this needless suffering go away?
Cluster bombs, extreme weather taking innocent lives,
When will we take serious the global, human, deathly cry?

Who are these leaders that make the charge?
To what end do they allow this to go so far?
To allow suffering on such monumental scale,
Can they not see their deemed leadership, disastrously fail?

Have decades of brutal war on every horrendous scale,
Not taught humanity, this is a defeatist’s path to curtail?
Trillions of dollars expended to advance this inflicted pain,
All to the benefit of those, out of harm’s way, to richly gain.

Political platitudes and ceremonial remembrances become insults
To those willingly giving their lives, to remedy these egregious faults.
Expending the future of humanity, being lost to needless death and strife;
What monumental event will it take to bring back a loving, harmonious life?


Who Gives A `Fuck’ Anymore?




A space meandering, life-giving, ball of configured atomic-elements, mysteriously infused with conscious-energy, though equally shared amongst its inhabitants; its degrees of intellectualized representation is definable and, disturbingly, evident. This epoch’s current recorded history serves as source-proof to this expression.

The world seems targeted toward a destiny that belies even the bravest of us to stand against; the prodigious, globalist tyranny that emblazons this 21st-century existence. The fomentation of those who came before us in the belief; the foresight to the future of human-kind is theirs to behold. But, times committed passage finds the antithesis; contemporary humanity, succumbing to a malaise surpassing the vilest, cruellest, deadliest of viral bacterium: Greed!

Throughout the earthly organism that is humanity; greed for ownership, translated to the power of position, spreads like metastasizing cancer. Inflicting its sufferance upon the majority who strategically, have been economically brutalized into a permanent state of subjugation and, submission. A pervasive state; maliciously designed to lobotomize intellectual conjuring or real manifestation, in any form, of countering forces. The ingenious tools to do so include mindless, distracting entertainment genres, legislated civil obedience replete with brutal, armed-enforcement and, penalty-mechanisms and, last but not least; the anchoring shackles of relentless, financial indebtedness.

Dire, though this time as is depicted; it need not be the reason to lament the future for humankind. Intrinsic to the nature of all living entities is the relentless facet of being: survival. The intuitive mental and physical strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles; like the Phoenix, to rise from the ashes, triumphant and determinately driven to reaffirm its presence.

The question remains for humanity: can it do so without repeating the ills of its historic past, or,  to ask itself: `Who gives a ‘Fuck’ any more?’?


Naked Truth in Journalism: Is It Time?

The nightly national and international News does a good job in covering and reporting details of the rebellious and violent protests in Syria that blatantly emphasize President Assad’s regime as the perpetrator to repression and killing of Syrian people.

The first question to be asked of the journalistic reporting of the situation in Syria truly objective journalism or is it an editorializing the situation?

One only need spend a couple of hours on You Tube reviewing results of a search using keywords: “police brutality 2011“, to gain an appreciating to see that what is transpiring in Syria is no different then what is happening around the globe.  Simply put: the common man is rising up against the system/regime in the face of stiff and unrelenting repression and opposition by the ruling authority.

Most, especially given the questionable bias in the majority of western media’s reporting of the Syrian conflict, that to make such a statement is ridiculous but, is it?.

The intention of this article is not to condone the obvious and brutal reaction of the Assad government security and military forces upon those who are in revolt, but to highlight the hypocrisy of western reporting media by inferring the government is the bad guy.  As evidenced by the You Tube videos, the brutality exercised by the Assad government is not more or less than what is happening around the globe (though the Assad forces are using real armament, so too are the Israeli forces and in western countries, police in riot-gear are known apply excessive force and the use of rubber-tipped bullets just as effective in injuring or even killing a protestor)

Any attempt to analyze with a common sense perspective what is happening in Syria and anywhere else in our so-called civilized world, is next to impossible. The simple reason for this is the fact: accurate and unbiased information defining any transgression is virtually impossible to attain. Therefore, how is it possible for any one individual or country, observing the situation, able to confidently draw conclusion as to whose cause is right and whose is wrong in the conflict. Then for whom to advocate support in any form, in their respective cause?

Without doubt, any decent Human-being does not wish or want for others of their species to suffer under any form of hardship however, there comes a time, especially in light of the bias and agenda that can and does distort the truth to a situation, that it is possibly best that a non-interventionist stance be taken.  To let the conflicting parties work out their differences no matter the cost in human life or destruction of property that may ensue?

The only reasonable alternative to this callous statement of position is for those who dedicate themselves to reporting as journalist, the events of the world,  that they begin to do so naked to the truth, free of any bias or editorial opinion in order for the listening public to draw an honest conclusion and response as they interpret the situation.

Could it be time that a Nation of Journalism be created populated by those dedicated to observing and reporting the events of the world free of a credential that ties them to the bias’ perpetrated and/or imposed upon them due to a loyalty to their nation of residence?  A body of independent and truly objective individuals to whom the rest of the world residents feel confident that what is reported in the unvarnished and, Naked Truth,

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