Naked Truth in Journalism: Is It Time?

The nightly national and international News does a good job in covering and reporting details of the rebellious and violent protests in Syria that blatantly emphasize President Assad’s regime as the perpetrator to repression and killing of Syrian people.

The first question to be asked of the journalistic reporting of the situation in Syria truly objective journalism or is it an editorializing the situation?

One only need spend a couple of hours on You Tube reviewing results of a search using keywords: “police brutality 2011“, to gain an appreciating to see that what is transpiring in Syria is no different then what is happening around the globe.  Simply put: the common man is rising up against the system/regime in the face of stiff and unrelenting repression and opposition by the ruling authority.

Most, especially given the questionable bias in the majority of western media’s reporting of the Syrian conflict, that to make such a statement is ridiculous but, is it?.

The intention of this article is not to condone the obvious and brutal reaction of the Assad government security and military forces upon those who are in revolt, but to highlight the hypocrisy of western reporting media by inferring the government is the bad guy.  As evidenced by the You Tube videos, the brutality exercised by the Assad government is not more or less than what is happening around the globe (though the Assad forces are using real armament, so too are the Israeli forces and in western countries, police in riot-gear are known apply excessive force and the use of rubber-tipped bullets just as effective in injuring or even killing a protestor)

Any attempt to analyze with a common sense perspective what is happening in Syria and anywhere else in our so-called civilized world, is next to impossible. The simple reason for this is the fact: accurate and unbiased information defining any transgression is virtually impossible to attain. Therefore, how is it possible for any one individual or country, observing the situation, able to confidently draw conclusion as to whose cause is right and whose is wrong in the conflict. Then for whom to advocate support in any form, in their respective cause?

Without doubt, any decent Human-being does not wish or want for others of their species to suffer under any form of hardship however, there comes a time, especially in light of the bias and agenda that can and does distort the truth to a situation, that it is possibly best that a non-interventionist stance be taken.  To let the conflicting parties work out their differences no matter the cost in human life or destruction of property that may ensue?

The only reasonable alternative to this callous statement of position is for those who dedicate themselves to reporting as journalist, the events of the world,  that they begin to do so naked to the truth, free of any bias or editorial opinion in order for the listening public to draw an honest conclusion and response as they interpret the situation.

Could it be time that a Nation of Journalism be created populated by those dedicated to observing and reporting the events of the world free of a credential that ties them to the bias’ perpetrated and/or imposed upon them due to a loyalty to their nation of residence?  A body of independent and truly objective individuals to whom the rest of the world residents feel confident that what is reported in the unvarnished and, Naked Truth,

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