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To better understand and comprehend the world as we are coming to know it, the reason for what is evolving, one need look at the history to what makes it so; and this comprehensive BBC documentary is a good start to that end:


Police Out of Control????



Toronto G20 Fiasco Revisited

Watching the REAL NEWS NETWORK’s Paul Jay ( comment on the issue of the G20 event has only served to rile my anger against the criminal actions of all levels of government and goon-mentality, militarized police responsible for the authorization and use of unprovoked and excessive brutal force respectively, evidenced and documented. Compounding the insult of this criminal event is the lack of accountability of all level of authority responsible. Like most issues it is merely swept away and forgotten with the consolation that it is never to happen again. But, when it does, the same pathetic rhetoric will be spun to diminish the true importance of the matter. Democracy in the true sense of its meaning is for all intents and purposes: DEAD! Civil liberty, freedom of speech in arenas where it is most potent are and in truth; always have been, expunged by the unseen elite authority that in fact narrates and conducts the events of the world. Politicians and associated militarized battalions of complicit policing authority having sold their souls for a feeding at the trough.

Jack Boots and Batons

In jack boots and wielding batons
They come a hundred strong
Their march echoing the throng
With fierce voice chanting the song:

`Back off – get to where you belong

Their aim:  to intimidate
Their strength:  how governments legislate
Their goal:  to disseminate
Those whom protest and congregate

Billowing clouds of pepper-spray block the light
To keep peering eyes and cameras from sight
To witness those who attempt to fight
For what they know is their civil-right

This tactic meant to intimidate
Serves only to rile and infuriate
Leading to rebellion and the eventual fate
Of civil society becoming a terrorist state




Marijuana – tool of racism

More African-Americans are in custody for minor marijuana convictions though they represent only a minority of drug users and here is how they are treated upon arrest. Notice that all the officers are WHITE:


Last Human Standing

Falling deeper into the abyss of our making
This life on Earth seems forsaken
Though remedy of solution viably in-hand
But ignored, for reasons becoming clearer to understand

Global power held by the unseen elite
Are determined to manifest humanity’s defeat
They will not rest until their destructive plan is complete
Instigated with common people fighting each other in the street

Economic collapse is their efficient tool to instigate
Knowing empty belles’ are much easier to infuriate
Whilst poised in their ivory towers left to masturbate
While goon-squad militarized police, the uprisings, mitigate

It would take a fool’s mind not to see what is happening
The civilized structure of the last hundred years is set for collapsing
Then by their design a New Order for civilization is ready for hatching
To render a commoner’s life to impoverishment by servitude, ever-lasting

These are not words to echo the cry of humanity’s impending defeat
It is a call to recognize what is about to come and its receipt
Demanding if it is to happen – common people take their stand on the street
Poised ready to fight until the last Human standing on their feet

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