Truth: Fact To Reality

The complication that arises from having too much idle time coupled with a curious and inquisitive mind and an Internet access, is the opportunity to garner knowledge that leads to a better understanding, comprehension of the reality that encompasses humanity. A reality of knowing that we, all of humanity, are emersed in a nefarious body of deception and lies that has become so comprehensive and insidious, it obliterates any possibility of knowing Truth. A word that as of this 21st century day, no longer has substantive meaning for any aspect of this realm of human existence.

Ultimately, an individual has only one truth to hold on to:you are born; you die.

The foundation of individual experience, teaching learned, perception to thought and worldly understanding is built upon a lie or contrivance of what was once known as truth. That beyond the stated ultimate truth, every transaction that transpires throughout a human life has a substantive potential to be the fabrication and/or manipulation of the environment of experience.

It is fully expect many would argue against this denunciation of human reality simply because the nay-sayer(s) has not had the opportunity to objectively explore the bubble of deception that comprises this world reality. The convoluting and conspiring that has become so sophisticated as to render the seams and interlacing of falsehoods, invisible to all save for those who take the time to look deeply into the System as metaphorically depicted in the classic movie series The Matrix.

Once the Individual realizes, digests and understands the hypocritic structure of human reality; only then can they shed the obligation and imposed weight of responsibility to participate and serve the System. The caveat to this denunciation is this truth of fact: You will fail in any attempt to disconnect;obliterated by the Administrators via mechanisms strategically entrenched and promulgated by officious, subordinate minions ready to enforce a delusional, false reality. This is an absolute certainty enshrined in the knowledge; those of ultimate position of authority to knowing the true state of humanity’s reality have in place layers of safeguards to ensure that such knowledge not be allowed to infiltrate the masses. Every resource, without limit, will be utilized to insure the primacy of their position.

A moral telling story:

A young man in the course of his worldly journey is told a prophetic tale by as wise looking old man:

One day, in the very near future, all the people of the world will simultaneously go mad, insane of mind

Visibly alarmed by the prospect the young man asked what could he do to prevent this from happening to him?

The old man handing the young man a porcelain flask replied; ‘Drink the water contained in this flask at the first sign of such an event and be saved from the scourge.’

Taking the flask the young man departed never to see the old man again.

Sure enough, true to the wise-man’s prophetic teaching the day arrived; the young man realized over the course of the day people all around were going mad; running about hill and dale, screaming incomprehensibly and nonsensically as the ran about.

Quickly, the young man opened the flask he always held with him, drank the flavourless liquid.

As the clock struck the mid-night hour, everyone within earshot of the young man was raving madly, running in circles, doing irrational things. Everyone had gone stark raving insane of mind as was told to him

As the days and weeks went by, the man in his travels began to realize those around him started seeing that he was different and they reacted poorly to his presence. Soon crowds would gather around him all blathering the same nonsensical gibberish and began to treat him poorly.

As time wore on the young man had come to realize he would have been better not to have drunken of the flask realizing by all around him – he truly, was the one insane of mind.

The moral of course: the more one differentiates their Self from the majority, the more likely they are to be deemed the weaker, problematic, to be subject to their persecution.

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