Troubling Confluence


Photo by Ed Kashi


A recent CBC.ca interview broadcast with Naomi Klein  (Interview) wherein she discusses the background for her new book This Changes Everything, prompted the following poem:

Fragile has become the ground on which humanity treads;
A global decision to pollute and poison chosen instead,
When no longer there are resources by which it is fed
The only conclusion: humanity on Earth forever, will be dead!

Rhetorical scripts pronouncement espousing remedy
That in the end, renders no practical reversal to this calamity,
Pacified by weak measure of corporate promise to indemnity,
State governments fail to prosecute and exercise viable, criminal penalty.

For all its intelligence humanity has proven its ignorance;
For the path it has chosen with seeming indifference,
Eluded by the concept: its presence being a permanence,
Will awaken to the reality: its extinction by this troubling confluence.


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