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Song Lyrics?


printed musical note page

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Anyone want to put a music score to these lyrics? Rhyming words to garner meaningful, emotional response is more often enhanced through an accompanying musical score. 

Better Tomorrows

Hiding from the Sun’s shine,

Falling down with the rain,

A feeling we all know,

Borne from the same pain.


Lost in the darkness,

Room with no light,

Seeking out the answers,

That seem; out of sight.


Hoping for better tomorrows,

To turn a sad life around,

Escaping all the sorrows,

For chance, a new love, be found.





I am my father’s son: adam cohen


Adam Cohen

An interesting, open and honest interview broadcast by CBC’s the NATIONAL  featuring Adam Cohen, the son of well-known and revered poet, song-smith, singer legend Leonard Cohen discussing his career struggle to find his own voice midst the tall cast of his father’s inspiring decades-long fame.

I wrote the following two poems sometime back following an equally insightful  documentary of Leonard Cohen and now, seeing them in-light of Adam Cohen’s realization: he need not resist the undeniable truth he is his father’s son: 


I watched
I listened

A humble man

Creator of words

Magical expression

Inspiring thought

Stimulating senses

To survive his years
In poetry
In song
His Mission
To inspire
An icon
To poetry’s
Through words
Lives on

Leonard Cohen

1970 – Leonard Cohen

Reflections of a turbulent time long past
Emerges again for all to witness at last
The personal story of an artist then great
A talent time’s passage could not fade
His verse of song pronounced and deep
Speaking to the truth of love all of us seek
Leonard Cohen’s poetry somberly wise, reflective
Portraiture of life seen with unique perspective
Gained by the artistry of this unique insightful man
Immortalizing a presence we still struggle to understand

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