Joke: My neighbour Sam


Hi, mah num is George!


Itz mah neighbour Sam; zbeen driv’n round da block fur hours – driven me crazy! (no pun intended)

So, whenz I cudn’t standz er no-more; I goz out – stood in da middle ah damm  road – so he HAD to Stop!

Sammyz roll’n down ‘is window –  I ask’m: `Sammy; whad ya do’n. You’re driven me crazy – what,  with all dis driven your doin – What’s up with dat?

Sammy, strangely outta breath see-in az hez only bin driven for the past hour yells out:

`GEORGE, George, I’m glad ya stopped me coz I gotta tell ya – the gas – itz down; da gas itz down 20cents a litre.. Huge!

Scratchn my ‘ed – I ask’m: `So what, twenty-cents ?– but, so wyd bin driven round da block a hundred times already?’

Sammy yells out: `Coz my tank was too full n I ‘ad to make sum room fur dar cheaper gas!’

Stop’n n tink’n for a minute I ‘ad da ask ‘im: `Yah, so whatcha down tah?!’


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