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Six Degrees???

In the interests of social science dealing with the theory experimented by psychologist Stanley Milgram ,1960’s, Yale University, on the concept of degrees of separation: `Six degrees of separation is the theory that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries’ (google search). And, the subject of like experiments conducted by Duncan J. Watts, Professor of sociology, Columbia University, and associates, as detailed in his book: Everything Is ObviousOnce you know the answer, (Chapter 4 Special People – Six Degrees of Separation, page 82); I am interested to conduct my own experiment.

Several years back when Stephen Colbert, currently the late-night host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS Broadcast); was the host and political pundit satirist on the Colbert Show, Comedy Central, I have been attempting to get a communication to his attention.

It began when the Colbert Show ran an art competition involving portraits to be submitted rendering Colbert in all his, self-indulgent, narcissistic glory.

To that end, I responded with the following photo-shop rendering:

colbertIt was meant to reflect his mastery of satirical yet, poetic, right-wing political punditry to rival the rhetorical eloquence of Shakespeare. It certainly seemed relevant for the time.

Though Stephen Colbert’s stature and image being elevated since his taking the host position of the Late Show formerly held by David Letterman, I’d like to think he’d get a kick, or at least a chuckle, of his portrayal in this dated image.

So, to the experiment: how many individuals will it take to get this image to the eyes of

Stephen Colbert, host of the Late Show broadcast from the Ed Sullivan Theater, New York City, New York, US of A? And his comment to its accompanying poem written in his honor:

Stephen Colbert

 This ode of word to the King

Of the comedy hour

His craft of speak

Is yielding much power

Nightly he espouses

A pundit’s cynical political view

To most who watch

It sounds as something new

The double entendre of his nightly spiel

Is taken by some who think it real

He manifests reasons for thought

A most clever and insightful plot

His wisdom portrayed by his crafty craft

Even all the while making his audience laugh

How great is Stephen’s desire to have you know

That his is not just another COMEDY SHOW

 But before the close there’s need for just one more claim:

 To all who are aware, Stephen Colbert – is more then just a name!

So, with each communication to an individual you think would get a link of this page ( to Mr. Colbert, please:


and lets see how many emails, etc., it takes to determine how close I really am to Mr. Stephen Colbert!





Future by Hollywood?



Humanity is fast approaching the second decade of this 21st century at such speed, if measured by the advancements in computer hardware and software technologies manifesting as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics at the heart of it, its beyond the speed of light.

No where is this to be more evident then that which comes from the fantastical mind-creations of  screenplay writers; directors and legions of CGI special-effects artists; editors and, ironically to a lesser degree, flesh and blood Actors.

To witness a sampling of what Hollywood has in store for 2018 and beyond; a fictional projection of a fantastical, and potentially dystopian, future world can be had here (it is a playlist of trailers of 2018 release movies).

The series of upcoming movies from award-winning directors such as Stephen Spielberg and David Cameron, and multi-million production budgets, they do not hold back on their portrayal of what the future has in store for humanity. Unfortunately today, such exposes need the drama of death and destruction, but at the heart of each screenplay, is a potential truth, one day, we may all have to face.



Interviewers’ Query

If you are not familiar; the CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corp)  Jian Ghomeshi hosts an insightful and entertaining radio and television show titled `Q’ wherein he interviews those of the Art’s be it music, film, theater, etc., etc.. 

Recently he interviewed Robert Downey Jr. and Jian’s style in conducting the interview prompted a thought to question:  

                                     What is the Interviewers’ role?

Resulting in the following poem as an idea toward answering the question: 

Asking the questions, not to pry,
Looking for answers that avoid a lie;
Peering into eyes that will justify,
Beyond intellect of insight to verify.

No trick of questions’ cross-examination,
Just purpose to discern potential fabrication;
Looking to avoid an inward consternation,
The story unfolding is want of further confirmation.

Neither shrewd nor devious is the intent,
The want is for truthful, insightful content;
Not the distracting illusion of the mind’s invent,
An Interviewers’ query is theirs for reason to prevent.




A chance to share with visitors my eclectic  collection of photographs, graphic computer artworks produced over the years:



Revisiting A Past – The Boys In The Band

Last night being the end of the second day of new year 2012, it was ironic that when one is normally anticipating or at least, speculating on events potentially to occur on the days and months of the coming year, I found myself experiencing a flash from the past namely, watching a movie titled: The Boys In The Band.

Briefly stated, the story situated in 1970‘s contemporary New York City is centered upon a small band of homosexual males coming together as friends, to celebrate the 30th birthday of Harold characterized as an aging, ugly, Jewish homosexual. The broad-spectrum, stereo-typical characterization of the male homosexual was clearly and well represented not to mention the Gay milieu of the day, given that it was the start of the socio-sexual revolution that began in the late 1960’s and for all intents and purposes, continues to the present day.

The brash and dramatic portrayal of this relatively unknown slice of contemporary American society by its strident poignancy garnered much controversy with the movie’s release. I personally recall as a closeted gay man at the time, that though the sexual revolution well in the process of erupting; the topic of homosexuality was definitely still taboo and faced much criticism in the public forum

It was interesting to experience the movie again, now in 2012. The retrospective conjured not only recollection of my auditioning for the McGill University’s 1971 presentation of the play but too, many emotional and intellectual reflections given how far the sexual and specifically; the gay social movement has evolved. Here too it would seem quite ironically, it’s not been without some negative consequences for the LGBT community.

Approximately one decade later, the start of the 1980‘s, the first cases of A.I.D.’s began to be diagnosed and homosexual men clearly identified as principle carrier of the H.I.V. virus. Of course it is widely know today that the advent of this now substantively understood and managed, though still potentially fatal disease, profoundly eroded much of the progress in garnering political and broader public acceptance of what is now the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi,Transgender/ Transexual) community .

Beyond reliving the many memories of my own personal coming-out and all that I experienced as a young gay man during this tumultuous, ground-breaking and socio-politically changing era, my thoughts turned to the current generation of young LGBT men and women. I question how aware they are of the trials, hardships, struggles and, public persecution so effectively dramatized by the characterization of homosexual men that are the cast of The Boys In The Band. Too, what is their perception regarding the hefty personal price paid by many of their fore-generation of LGBT men and women in the fight to attain the legally-bound freedoms they so readily enjoy today. Though it is recognized that many LGBT individuals still endure some degree of sexual discrimination and hardship, it can be said of the LGBT community that they have the general acceptance and support of the broader, general public today.

In closing, I highly recommend seeking out and watching The Boys In The Band to all whether LBGT or not if for no other reason; it’s definitely entertaining and provides quite an insightful reflection of how progressive society (at least in some respects) has been in the last forty-years.

(Follow this link to an online presentation:

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