Interviewers’ Query

If you are not familiar; the CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corp)  Jian Ghomeshi hosts an insightful and entertaining radio and television show titled `Q’ wherein he interviews those of the Art’s be it music, film, theater, etc., etc.. 

Recently he interviewed Robert Downey Jr. and Jian’s style in conducting the interview prompted a thought to question:  

                                     What is the Interviewers’ role?

Resulting in the following poem as an idea toward answering the question: 

Asking the questions, not to pry,
Looking for answers that avoid a lie;
Peering into eyes that will justify,
Beyond intellect of insight to verify.

No trick of questions’ cross-examination,
Just purpose to discern potential fabrication;
Looking to avoid an inward consternation,
The story unfolding is want of further confirmation.

Neither shrewd nor devious is the intent,
The want is for truthful, insightful content;
Not the distracting illusion of the mind’s invent,
An Interviewers’ query is theirs for reason to prevent.


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