How far is TOO far?

The referenced Article is related to the  installation of audio as well as video surveillance devices installed on urban transit under the disguise of keeping ‘passengers and drivers safe’; is this not just going a bit too far?

This level of infiltration exceeds the bounds necessary to support the `threat of terrorism’ ploy presently, increasingly impinging on public liberties now in 2012; what will our freedoms be twenty years from now?

Though I am writing this from Canada and the article pertains to US cities, it is not beyond possible  our ultra-conservative government, that ‘bends-over’ at the call of its American counter-part; it is not long before the same situation is being sold to gullible Canadians some time in the near future. Fortunately I will either be dead or dementia-ed by then but pity those poor souls just and yet born.

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