New Beginnings?

`food for thought’

The only way to start this article is with a question:

Are we seeing a decline that may suggest a trend influenced by the long anticipated mythological, prophesied, events of  Winter Solstice, 2012?

It would be understandable that many by the inference to super-hyped, life-ending, earth-shattering events prophesied  to occur on December 21st, 2012  by the reputed end of the Mayan Calendar, would abruptly stop reading. However; this article is based on factual observation of global events occurring over the course of 2012 that suggest a potential, yet strange, trend. A trend that raises the curiosity the question poses.

Over the course of the last decade the volume and frequency of information connected with various Mayan and Hopi prophecy claiming the ‘end-times’ are upon us, climaxing December 21st, 2012, realizing the spectrum of disastrous manifestations, has assuredly, served to raise global consciousness on this one issue, likely more than any other.

This stated, as of the date for this article, there remains forty-seven (47) days to the Winter Solstice and fifty-seven (57) days to the end of 2012. To-date the following significant events have occurred or are in the process of unfolding, that suggest the trend alluded to (in no particular order):

1.The dethroning  of Lance Armstrong as the seven time champion of the Tour de France and other honors stripped for doping and, the implications derived as result;
2.The stalled National Hockey League (NHL) labor dispute likely to result in the loss of the entire 2012-13 season and its dire financial implications;
3. The significant loss of life, devastation and financial hardship brought by Hurricane Sandy resulting in the closing of New York City and several adjoining States and Boroughs along the eastern-seaboard;
4. The 2012 presidential election finds a polarized nation equally split: incumbent President, Democrat, Barack Obama at 48% versus Republican, Mitt Romney at 47% leaving it to a handful of States to end the deadlock and the potential aftermath, depending on who finally wins;
5. Financial global crisis and social unrest most evident in European nations however; there exists a strong potential a major global recession if not depression could be exacerbated to reality should the US presidential election fail to produce a clear winner;
6. Global weather pattern changes continue to impose massive earth and climate changes with drastic and significant social and financial effect on institutional sectors of agriculture and food production, wild-life habitat and migration, extreme rainfall leading to significant flooding and land erosion countered by extreme drought conditions elsewhere;
7. Generalized social unrest to varying degree, in almost every nation of the planet due to social, financial and economic hardship promulgated by the financial collapse experience commencing 2007 and fanned in part, by some of the events listed above; and there are more.

These few events highlight the nature of their ‘global’ impact and broadly accepted representation as ‘institutional’ component to the fabric of modern-day society however; closer examination and observation on the part of the reader to world events is likely to give several more events having occurred or, in the process of occurring, that lend them to the purported trend speculated here, by this article.

To close: as with all matters related to future events; they can only be deemed pure speculation; predicated on related and factual historical events. However, it is only with the passage of ‘real-time’ that such speculation and anxiety derived from it will come to its end. As to Mayan and Hopi prophecy and the `end-time’ they purport: here too, they are based purely on the  speculation of well publicized, self-proclaimed  authority(ies) on the topic.

In the end, all that is left to be said is: good luck and good fortune; may the future have nothing but good tidings for All as the clock strikes 12:01, January 01,2013 and beyond.

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