Free(dom) the Collective

Freedom; sought from the tyranny to which life is repeatedly born,
limiting its growth by containment of the individualist mind,
white-washed into submission by contrived uniformity,
instilled by the fear of banishment from the societal-clan,
shackled and anchored to chaste of monetary position,
imposed by ghostly image of authority’s contrived rules,
impeded through admonishment of counter-thought,
gratifying willful absorption to conformity of the Collective.

Freedom; for the individual mind to which life is meant to be born,
to seek its inherent, genetic design of purpose,
as cellular contributor to the living organism that is humanity,
gratified in the acknowledgment of recognition to participate,
with unrestricted access to commonwealth of prosperity,
to preside and flourish in the structure and respect of natural laws,
unlimited without constraint as Individual contributor to Community.

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