Cannibalized Economy – Destined for Failure


To understand the current state of the western, capitalist based, economy the following, simple analogy is given:

There existed a large tribe village of cannibal peoples lead by a powerful leader. Lets call them Tribe A.This particular village, circumvented by other, similar tribe villages but they were not quite as prosperous and looked to emulate Tribe A for they too wished to be as successful.

After several years of prosperity matters began to deteriorate for Tribe A yet, to the other tribes, all seemed well and great praise and gifts continued to be bestowed upon A’s leader and its Peoples.

Then seemingly out of no-where, upon visiting Tribe A, all was found in ruin leaving the other tribes curious to know what went wrong and proceeded to investigate.

It was learned for several years under good leadership, the citizens of Tribe A shared and prospered. Their leader and those close to him, as it happened were being the first to feast from the growing prosperity.

As time wore on, the leader and his group, became increasingly  demanding, taking more and leaving less for the common tribes people. All the while maintaining a good front for the other tribes.

With time, matters began to severely deteriorate for Tribe A. Its leader made a fatal mistake. The tribes people having less to feed on became increasingly malnourished and he and his affluent group chose to eat only the best of the flock; namely, young females.

Over the course of only a few years this practice resulted in fewer babies being born to replenish the population due to the depletion of child-bearing women. Soon the tipping point was reached and the population numbers fell dramatically.

Ultimately those that could, fled the village leaving only the old and desperate who eventually died of starvation.

A similar event is purported to have been the cause of the decline fall of population in the Canary Islands.

In conclusion, the same systematic erosion in the strength and well-being of the working, middle-class, the consuming engine,  through significant decline of wages and benefits, coupled with increases in the cost of living to only benefit shareholders of corporations, ultimately, will lead to the same fate as Tribe A.

Unless significant portion of any organized population fairly and equitably, share in economic growth and prosperity, it too will be ‘cannibalized’ out of existence.

Those who willfully and blindly continue to invest too, will suffer the consequence of their greed when the bottom falls out of the stock market due to the failure of corporations.

No one would heed or listen to the call
No one paid attention to the decline, to the fall
No one left to remember, to recall
No one left, not one, none at all

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