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Devilish Transactions

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Tomorrow’s walk toward yesterday dreams
To attain prospect of things desired, gleaned
Are filled with perils , more often, not seen;
Rendering personal cost beyond obscene.

This knowledge should give an advantage clue
To question how, through one’s life, to best pursue
Enrichment, by every nature, offered up for view;
To be cautious of its ultimate price and/or services, due.

Agreement Pacts, purportedly scribed, since days of old
Promising fame and riches for the sale of one’s soul
Are devilishly hidden or ignored by those so bold
As to venture into this misguided folly, though so told.

Much evidence lays as circumstantial waste:
The lives given to such transactions with unthinking haste;
Their derelict, dying bodies strewn, abounds this earthly place
Only to be ignored by newbies, believing, they’re a different case.


The Penny

Humanity’s struggle to survive has become all too clear
Especially for those who hold love of life dear
The struggle for some is far greater than for most
But for the majority of this earthly world – face it – we are all `toast’

Oligarchy and hegemony are words often used
To effectively communicate how the majority of humanity is being abused
So what is the solution to this condition if there is any?
Truth be know it can all be resolved by eliminating – the Penny

The Penny a symbol of that which pervades all
That being Money the cause of humanity’s fall
It fuels power to control and greed to gain
With total disregard to the infliction of suffering pain

Prophetic wisdom of civilizations, ages past
Speak to global apocalyptic crisis heading our way fast
Measures of worldly events recently seen to unfold
Holds evidence of some truth to this wisdom being told

Foundations of institution upon which modern society has been built
Are crumbling under the weight of ever increasing lies and deserving guilt
From those who selfishly feed from the trough replenished by the many
That soon once disaster finally strikes – for all there won’t be any

As in nature, cycles of replenishment is needed to rid of a deathly blight
For humanity, with its cleansing, a golden-age of shared prosperity might see the light
It may be its last opportunity to make life on this Earth finally right
But should this need correction not manifest; life for all will seem an endless night.

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