bill o’reilly – hypocrite


bill oreilly


One gets very tired of these so called advocates of the Christian right to espouse their views when locked away in their own dirty closet is history of what they themselves deem as inappropriate, scandalous, perverted; especially when dealing with topics of sexuality and sexual behavior.  Case in point is non-other than Bill O’Reilly a self-aggrandized talking feature of FOX NEWS line-up.

Back several years and, faithfully forgotten, is O’Reilly’s own brush with sex scandal that almost destroyed his career however, to his benefit, people who watch his show and FOX CHANNEL in general, have very short attention spans and so to address that fact, here is a link to over 13000 results of a YOUTUBE search keywords: `bill o’reilly sex scandal’ . And, to hopefully further entertain you; here is a poem I wrote in response to that topic at the time when it was causing a media-storm:

Public Fame

When in the public’s fame
It all becomes a little insane
Coz you can’t tarnish your name
No matter how severe the shame

There is this fella named O’Reilly
Whose scandalous story can get one ril-e
Would have killed the career of most
But he, on camera, still smiling, as newscaster host

A little rehab or maybe a `tell all’ book
Either trick to get you off the hook
Ask O’Reilly – rehab is the route he did favor
All is repented, he’s found his savior

It seems if you’re famous and handsome or cute
In or, but preferably, out of a suit
The media is yours – so be the media-flirt
Then just relax and bask in the light of all the dirt

Celebs, they come to each others aid `live and on camera’
Heads bowed to Oprah, as though before the Deli Lama
To ask for public forgiveness and to make penance
Knowing you shouldn’t really give `two-cents’

The moral to this tale:

So do the crime, don’t be sublime;
Coz your STAR will continue to SHINE!


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