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Carney-ride To Nowhere

Standing outside, detached, observing willing participants on this carousel of life
Amused watcher to the systematic structure of its repeating traditions
Vocal critic to its unified, cyclical rotation of delineated similarities
Purposely and perceptively disconnected from its contrived ups and downs
That are unquestioningly assumed by most to garner reward: to define purpose
Achievable by pre-set objective: to capture the visible, yet purposely elusive, golden, glimmering ring of inspiration to success
That is tantalizingly hung, dangling, just beyond the measured reach of most daunted players
Yet generation upon generation fall victim to this derived, cognitive societal plan
A contrivance of an invisible, self-appointed force of despotic intellectualism
An elitist minority cult of humanity safe-guarded behind reinforced walls of fractal economics
Blindly defended by legions of the same mindless ticket-holders to this carney-ride to nowhere.

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