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Last Human Standing


world divide

This poem, originally written back in 2012 in response to social and geopolitical issues occurring at that tumultuous time, upon review, seems more appropriate to the current state of world affairs with the inauguration of the 45th President Donald J. Trump. 

Unlike the fears garnered when the poem was first written; what seems poised on the horizon to erupt, due to increased nationalism not only in the United States but across Western Europe, should instill a true sense foreboding reminiscent of the pre-World War II era.

Unfortunately, humanity once again appears to fall victim to the machinations of the pathological designs of true power: 

Last Human Standing

Falling deeper into the abyss of our making
This life on Earth seems forsaken
Though remedy of solution viably in-hand
But ignored, for reasons becoming clearer to understand

Global power held by the unseen elite
Are determined to manifest humanity’s defeat
They will not rest until their destructive plan is complete
Instigated with common people fighting each other in the street

Economic collapse is their efficient tool to instigate
Knowing empty belles’ are much easier to infuriate
Whilst poised in their ivory towers left to masturbate
While goon-squad militarized police, the uprisings, mitigate

It would take a fool’s mind not to see what is happening
The civilized structure of the last hundred years is set for collapsing
Then by their design a New Order for civilization is ready for hatching
To render a commoner’s life to impoverishment by servitude, ever-lasting

These are not words to echo the cry of humanity’s impending defeat
It is a call to recognize what is about to come and its receipt
Demanding if it is to happen – common people take their stand on the street
Poised ready to fight until the last Human standing on their feet


If this poem resonates with you please explore others written in the same vain as well, several poems of a more entertaining and humorous note. Thank you.

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Carney-ride To Nowhere

Standing outside, detached, observing willing participants on this carousel of life
Amused watcher to the systematic structure of its repeating traditions
Vocal critic to its unified, cyclical rotation of delineated similarities
Purposely and perceptively disconnected from its contrived ups and downs
That are unquestioningly assumed by most to garner reward: to define purpose
Achievable by pre-set objective: to capture the visible, yet purposely elusive, golden, glimmering ring of inspiration to success
That is tantalizingly hung, dangling, just beyond the measured reach of most daunted players
Yet generation upon generation fall victim to this derived, cognitive societal plan
A contrivance of an invisible, self-appointed force of despotic intellectualism
An elitist minority cult of humanity safe-guarded behind reinforced walls of fractal economics
Blindly defended by legions of the same mindless ticket-holders to this carney-ride to nowhere.

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