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HELP! Cry of the Devil Soul

Trapped, entombed in this callous, decaying, cellular mass of bone, sinew and flesh;
This parasite of youthful exuberance; living devil soul being denied the rejoice of PARTY!
For shamelessly, shameful visceral infliction upon past epoch’s realm existence
Cast down to suffer this prolong, painful, yet inevitable, dimension’s journey end

Imbibing intoxicant’s nature spell weaves a sanctuary of mind’s invention
Turning fabric of space to living, joyful reality
Blissfully expounded and exposed for both the magic and the magical!
Enveloped in the warmth of strange bodys’ heat and pheromone infused wet

The infinite, rhythm trance of digital vibrations spun, spin their spell
Elevating synoptic punctuation to frequency’s intent
Conjuring addictive initiates expulsion to pineal-mind delights
Manifesting echelon journey beyond 3-dimensional weight

Succumbing to ethereal, cosmic electric vibrational embrace
Submitting to resistance that clogs the conduit, column spine
To expose the true pinnacle end of the electric-climax thrill
The JOY! awaits ALL who too are so hopelessly entombed!


A Christmas Blessing

A Christmas Blessing

The Christmas Season is here but once again
A time-honored tradition we love and hold so dear
For it is a time when family and friends
Come together to celebrate and cheer

A time when the music of laughter fills the air
While the land is dressed in fresh white snow
As evergreen trees of brilliant colored lights glare
To echo the goodness of life we’ve come to know

A time for children bemused and left wondering
Of the fabled and wondrous jolly St Nick
That his gift filled sled pulled by reindeer
Is true to heart and not just a silly adult trick

So look beyond the glitter of festivity
And heed this time that comes but once a year
To give thanks and Christmas Blessing
Of good health and love to those you hold so dear

Merry Christmas to All

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