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Human Paradox

Q: Is the divisive nature of humankind inherent in the need, as an individual, to be self-identified?

Q: Is the formation of human groups derived from the ability and/or want to locate with others of humankind perceived to retain the same self-identifiable values/qualities?

Q: Is the inherent need to be self-identifiable, as an individual or group comprised of those perceived to retain the same identifiable values/qualities, a precursor to conflict instigated by the competition of one individual/group’s values/qualities versus those of another individual/group’s?

Q: If the answers to these questions are `YES’; would it not be logical to ask: 

                                       Is conflict an inherent component of humankind?


Progress and advancement of the human condition: the desire to outdo and/or surpass the proven values/qualities of they/that, who/which presently dominate, is derived from the influence of competition.

Competition is readily identified as a root cause  of conflict from individual, hand to hand battles to nation versus nation in combat of war.

The Paradox: Competition advances humankind at the cost of ceaseless conflict


To eradicate conflict is to eradicate competition derived by eliminating the need/want to be self-identifiable, an inherent quality of humankind.

The ultimate conclusion:

          Conflict is an inherent component of Humankind and will Never be eradicated out of                           the need to be self-identified either as individual and/or group.


Paradoxical of Truths:

The following, I call Paradoxical of Truths, came to mind in the order they appear and, quite paradoxically since I don’t normally think  paradoxically that, by its so being, results in a paradox infinitude:

The matter, that matters, most to matter, is that it matters, to be matter

Whether it is or, whether it is not, is whether not is or, whether is not

If what is right is wrong, wrong need be right, for right to be wrong

When up goes down, down is up, when up is down

A ball is round, when round is a ball

A line is a line

Is Is


And, subsequently discovered, that if the the degrading in the length of each line forms a subtle curve not unlike to bowl of a chalice. Hence by copying and reversing and align to the corresponding line – does in fact form a perfectly-shaped chalice bowl, place a stem on it and what do you have: (click to enlarge)

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