Wedge of Divergence

Anticipating the ugliness of the apparent prognosis for the coming year 2012, long perceived to be filled with `life-changing’ events for most in the world and, given the situation of conflict and chaos that presides in most places in the world as 2011 draws to a close, that prophesied has a likely chance to manifest; considering this, is it not reasonable one would ask the question: why continue in this life?

Definitely for some just the asking of such a question would suggest a severe state of depression however, for the simple reason that, given the projected future, based on current trends in global politics, economy, financial systems, meteorology, and the list goes on; save for a minority of the world’s population: life in the next and coming years is and will likely continue to be an absolute Shit story!

As an opinion, what saves most from drawing such a bleak and dark perspective on life in our foreseeable future as we come to live it, stems from firstly: the majority particularly in the developed world, are so oblivious to the reality in which they are living given the preponderance of distractions subliminally imposed upon them through and by popular media in the form of mindless entertainment industry, fascination with the lives that make up that industry; advances in communication technologies and the need to possess them at any cost that by their presence, contributes to a pervasive falsehood that is social networking. The promulgation of this Internet formulated event manufactures and feeds the illusion of being part of something bigger then oneself when in fact, for the majority, this virtual existence only serves to mimic the way they wish their `real’ lives to be. Secondly and possibly the most significant reason: the structured per-occupation with raising a family; the hopes and dreams for their prodigy consumes most child-bearing adults with all that it takes to fulfill them.

On the strength of this view, there is developing a divergence in the structure of our global society that is increasingly becoming evident through the growing social unrest being played out initially in regions of the developing world that for decades if not centuries, have lived with autocratic persecution and debasement however, increasingly, even traditionally stable and socially tranquil regions of the developed world are now beginning to develop major cracks in long established institutional foundations. Not to contradict statements made above, but the source to this turmoil is a minority of the population that seek out unvarnished versions of the global reality via the same tool that is fostering the delusional world eluded to above: the Internet.

The Internet, to the chagrin of those that comprise the power and wealth that steers the course global civil society that in their minds is to take, has bred a counter force to the lies and misconceptions the foundational structures on which society to date has been falsely built, are becoming increasingly pervasive and influential in destroying the illusion that is the Matrix of power and control.

In conclusion, going back to the original question herein posed: Considering this it is reasonable one would ask: why continue in this life?; the answer is obviously individual and personal based on where, on which side of the wedge of divergence one perceives themselves to reside. Notably, if you are part of the power group or in support of their social philosophy, the illusion will undoubtedly live on for the strength of resource or the means to acquire them, resides in in their court however, as momentum builds, and more of those on the down-trodden side of the wedge wake-up and rise-up, maybe there is chance of hope that at best, it will make for a bumpier ride into the future.

The following video exemplifies part of the reason the world finds itself in the state that it is now in and the reason for such a dire prognosis for the future:

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