A Global Mess

A desperate public outcry grows louder every day
Fueling the rise of anarchy; the ultimate, destructive play.
A complicit mass media assisting in every possible way,
Global governance’s struggles to stifle its legitimate display.

Daily, those of public conscious expose the hidden truths;
Whistle blowers, journalist, anonymous hacking sleuths;
Willingly self-sacrificing all for the likes of me and you;
In hopes of our recognizing what we all need to do.

Global finance, economies, environment, jobs; are all on the rails;
Established, civilized institutions weakened, about to fail;
Growing inequality of chaste society, on a massive scale;
With no sign of redemption by those directing this ugly tale.

This 21st century, anticipated epoch for humanity’s flourish and gain
Has, since commencement, derived nothing but suffering and pain.
The power elite infuse a corrupt stronghold ensuring this way it remain;
Through elected, official governance; court sanctioned, corporate finances sustain.

When and how the tidal-wave of human, civil dissolution will manifest
Remains for a future’s history to articulate, in detail, at best.
Yet, what need for certain to rise from the ashes of the coming largess:
Is suppression of the powers responsible for creating this global mess!

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