De-Politicizing Morality


Why is it that morally conscious people feel obliged to park or align their values for the rights of all humanity under the umbrellas of liberal or literalist movements? To do so only serves to politicize such concern that has proven time and again, disastrous.

The past, present and undoubted, future atrocities encumbering global humanity be they centered in the Middle East, Africa, or even now Russia with its demonization of the LGBT community in that country; a uniquely different manner of reaction/ response be demanded. Not by any one political camp but by ALL morally, conscious Humanity.

Enough is enough that the political and corporate elite subjugate national and international foreign policy to the demands of an oligarchy represented by such groups as the Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, RAND Corporation and other similar elitist organizations who are widely known to direct the course of global political, economic and financial policy that is extolling pain, suffering and loss of life for all common Peoples of the World.

What will it take for this collective known as Humanity, to rightfully take-back ownership of the common-wealth this earthly presence has to bestow, to be shared equally amongst each living Soul?

In the heart of every caring individual finding the answer starts by DE-politicizing morality!

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