Challenge To The FEAR

Preamble: Irony of ironies: As I am about to post my latest poem which could be taken as quite contreversial, having logged-in, the following article posted came up

`Aware of your audience……REALLY???
By Kenneth Justice
~ Yesterday a kind reader mentioned the importance of ‘knowing your audience’ in reference to job interviews and whenever you have to talk about yourself; if you go overboard with the wrong audience you can end up doing damage for your reputation but if you don’t go far enough with others you can end up making the same mistake.’

Though of radically different context, in light of what I am about to post, I found it rather poignant. You decide:

Minute by minute,
Year by year,
Slowly creeping
Toward a time to fear;
Judicial, legislative and
Political manoeuvring
Toward a repressive goal,
Leading to generations to come,
Oblivious to what they stealthily stole.

Those informed and opposed to this devious skeem,
Shedding light of truth upon this insidious plan,
Suffer wrath of persecution for what they know,
Being denied their Miranda Right and fairness of trial,
Silenced, into prison they are likely to go.

Even these words, being seen here,
Can give rise for concern for the LAW;
For as it has become so widely known;
Expression in the public domain,
No longer safe or truly free from harm,
Still remains; as challenge to the FEAR!

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