Paul Goodman – Not Forgotten?

Paul Goodman, more than a contemporary intellectual author of note
For he was a renaissance man who lived his life by all that he wrote
Known today by few unless by chance to hear what he spoke
Now deceased, new generations less likely challenged by his desire to provoke

His philosophy and wisdom meant not merely to disturb
But to incite new constructs to thinking beyond the pervasive standard word
Often discounted for his bisexual lifestyle he managed still to be heard
Remnants of his teachings left to filter through mind’s of our populace herd

Though born of an era framed and anchored by tradition
His unique pacifist and rebellious nature broached chance of his extradition
But stead-fast he held to beliefs and foundation of volition
That spoke prophetically, to 21st century democracy’s failing condition

So to those for whom the name Paul Goodman is extraneous
Here now is chance-clue to find a provocateur thought infamous
To gain renewal to philosophy of wisdom once deemed pretentious
In hopes that it will seed thought to mind that again is contentious.

Author’s Note: Written on reflection of watching movie: Paul Goodman Changed My Life
(Click on image for link to movie)

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