Words for Dollar$


It’s not a surprising inevitability the blogosphere is increasingly being utilized as a platform for ‘get rich quick’ schemes to proliferate but, the question that need be asked: Does the motivation to attract ‘followers’ stem from the desire to present quality, original material or, simply to add to a list of others amongst whom, are those willing to participate in a pyramid scheme to make fast money?

 The basic formula to these schemes is to create a blog site that will convince others; by creating a blog site to attract others to join for a modest fee, subsequently shared up the pyramid-shaped totem of affiliates. Given the countless numbers the Internet can reach daily, each new fresh set of eyes presents a real opportunity to make significant dollar amounts by convincing a fraction of them to join the scheme.

No one can fault anyone for desiring to make fast, easy wealth by doing something they are already doing but, as with any pyramid scheme, the greater wealth goes to those above at the expense of those below and secondly, the blogosphere becomes inundated and consumed by meaningless tripe and ultimately diminishes the potential and experience of the tool.

Oh, by the way, since you read to this point can I interest you in……

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