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When the powerful and those in position of influence and control, have not the strength nor will to end human slaughter on this Earth, what good is this singular voice to cry out `enough, the slaughter of human lives, innocence of children, must end!’?

Deeper into the abyss of darkness our global existence falls. Lost is the moral compass of humanity that it further diminishes the value of human-life. That, the goal of prosperity through nation-building, trumps that of peaceful, global human co-existence.

Throughout the ages greed and ambition of but a few, seizing power to influence the majority, has unleashed an unrelenting presence of violence costing countless innocent lives with the sole, selfish objective of maintaining strategic position of unbridled influence and control over this earthly domain. Deeming the general masses of humanity as fodder to sustain such position by deceitfully posing the allure of freedom and democracy for all, the root to their gainful ambitions .

Strategic and scientifically devised methodology to propagandize entire populations to accept future prospects for humanity, as envisioned by a generational body of powerful elite, is being systematically orchestrated not to serve the majority but, to sustain the artificial, yet made real, importance of this elite group over the decades.

As with the pot of water set to the unrelenting heat of the fire, unattended, it will boil, the steam will rise and, by its spilling over serve to quench the flames that made it so. So too will be the outcome of the conflagration that envelops the present-day world.

The culmination of economic and financial hardship imposed by the same greed for wealth and power that serves to instigate the current wars and conflicts; the diminishing of individual rights and freedoms of movement and expression; unsustainable environmental degradation and climate changes will, ultimately, climax into a crescendo of a People’s Revolution of unprecedented proportion with an as yet, unfathomable, outcome.

The spark to light the fuse to this undeniable eventuality will be for a future history to elaborate but, for certain, the fuse and the flint are at the ready.



political quiz:



QUIZ: Name a Nation that most equitably, can be defined by ALL of the following terms given the official definition of such terms:

Sycophant: those whom act obsequiously (complaisance or deference) toward someone important in order to gain advantage.

Parasite: those whom habitually live at the expense of others; sponger (formerly) a sycophant and those whom practices opportunism, or the policy of adapting actions, decisions, etc., to effectiveness regardless of the sacrifice of ethical principles: An extreme opportunist and always thinks the ends justify the means.

Bully: those whom are blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

Terrorist: those whom are a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism; terrorizes or frightens others; a member of a political group aimed at demoralization of the government by terror.

Self-serving: those whom are preoccupied with one’s own interests, often disregarding the truth or the interests, well-being, etc., of others; those whom serve to further one’s own selfish interests.

Genocidal: the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.




boycott Israel and its economy!

Know the truth of why the HARPER  GOVERNMENT of Canada recently visited Israel. The promotion of Canada as a viable place for Israeli business and consumer products makes we Canadians complicit in the atrocities and illegal persecution of Palestinian Peoples of the region. Canadians must support and join other democratic nations that are officially boycotting Israel until such time as it resolves permanently, this important and long-standing issue. SAY NO TO ISRAELI BUSINESS!




Pathology to Society’s Psychopathic State-of-Mind

Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack conscience and empathy, making them manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal. They are an object of popular fascination and clinical anguish: psychopathy is largely impervious to treatment. (‎)

Reflecting upon the seemingly incessant, global conflagrations and transgressions instigated by foreign policies of predominately western, democratically elected governments; hence with the concurrence and acquiescence of its populace; wars, sanctions and similar persecutions inflicted upon lesser nations and its Peoples, reasoned as humanitarian and altruistic in their motivation; is it unjust to identify the behavior of western civil society over the past, several decades as psychopathic in nature?

Examination of history documenting the motivations that instigate conflict, be it regional or international, often produces a conflicting picture of accountability of reason and responsibility given that such history is more often than not, written by the victor. This potential for biasing the factors for resolve of conflict undermines deriving the truths to its rational justification. Therefore, what remains to decipher rationale leading to justification and validity for past conflict(s) is/are the manner and method(s) of its execution/resolution. Namely, the balance of destructive power versus diplomatic resolution.

It is easy to recognize that the reasons/rationale that contribute to conflict, to any degree among nations, most often is not a simple binary matter of dispute. Too, conflict as physical war typically, is represented publicly as the least probable of potential responses. However, it is here the basis for evidence of psychopathic behavior is most likely to be found.

Ultimately. war to any degree. by virtue of its enormous human and financial cost, disruption if not dissolution of civil social order, is easily definable as psychopathic. It remains therefore, to which of the parties to the conflict is more psychopathic than the other.

To explore this assertion, the turmoil that has enveloped the globe commencing with the attack on the World Trade Centre infamously refereed to as 9-11; as prime illustration to pathology of psychopathy is the reaction to 9-11 as exhorted by governments of the United States, and its Coalition allies such as Great Britain, France, Germany and other lesser Nations but not to exclude Israel and their mutual allies throughout the Middle East, principally Saudi Arabia.

To detail  the evolution of the conflicts arising from the United States’ direct retaliation for 9-11, primarily against countries comprising the Middle Eastern region, would take a book.  However, what can be gleaned from the pathology of events commencing with the immediate bombardment of Afghanistan in a failed attempt to capture Osama Bin Laden and his band of warriors known as Al Quadi, the purported principal perpetrator of 9-11; and, the later March 2003 `Shock and Awe’ attack of Iraq on erroneous justification Saddam Hussein both assisted in the 9-11 event and, had attained the ability to produce nuclear weapons hyped as `Weapons of Mass Destruction’ or, WMD’s for short; is a product of a psychopathic mindset of all parties responsible for crucial decisions by officials of national governments leading to the malaise that exists not only throughout the Middle East, but globally today.

It is clearly evident the individuals comprising the American neoconservative (neocon) establishment are to be deemed responsible for goading the Bush-Chaney Administration into attacking Iraq under false pretense, it is too clearly evident they met with little to no resistance but were in fact, emulated for their efforts. Further, the abdication of international mass-media’s responsibly to journalistically report factually the circumstances that eventually led to invasion of Iraq; the Joint Chiefs of Staff advising and directing the coalition war machine are but a few to be name as responsible. However, though the names of those directly responsible fade from human consciousness, these same individual, human souls must bear the label of `psychopath’ for the false wisdom and leadership that’s contributed to global events that continue to unfold.

Essentially, as of the date to this writing, twelve plus years have lapsed since 9-11 and the turmoil, bloodshed and massive destruction of established civilizations not only continues, but is expanding throughout the Middle Eastern region and beyond with little hope for its ending in sight.

In conclusion; it is as much to state, with a degree of pessimistic confidence, the entire global population by its seeming  acquiescence to the actions of global leadership, revolves within a pathetic, psychopathic state of mind.


Stephen Harper, Prime Minister & Israel


Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, recently accepted the invitation of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) where he was honored by its members and Prime Minister of Israel,  acknowledging Harper as a `real leader’ for his unyielding support for the State of Israel. To forever commemorate such support a bird sanctuary is to be named Stephen Harper [bird sanctuary]. (Ironically fitting since Harper, by his support of apartheid Israel `shitting’ on the lives of countless Palestinians, he, in due course, if not in name only, is to be shat upon by the birds occupying his sanctuary).

Canadians, by extension of their Prime Minister’s actions, effectively sanction and  support Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and the expansion of Jewish settlements that is effectively driving Palestinians from their homelands.

The question that need be asked is: Why?.

Why is the Canadian government supporting the obvious criminal and inhuman treatment of Palestinian Peoples?

What does Canada gain by doing so and why are we not at worst, non-committal to the situation rather than supporting once side of the politic?

When did Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada, gain the unanimous consent of Canadians, not the minor majority of an election, to align Canada with apartheid state of Israel?

How can Canadians stand idle and let our proud nation, respected in past decades as a peace keeping nation, sanction and allow in our name, to let this go on?

Recent statements reported by the United Nations cites Assad of Syria for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the current civil conflict, to be serious enough to warrant recommending the International Court take up the issue. Why is this not the case in the matter of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians? What teflon coating of international acquiescence applies to the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Harper’s alignment with the interests of Israel and his support by the members of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), effectively garners the acceptance by Canada and its citizens, of the crimes committed by the Israeli state. Did anyone bother to ask Canadians if they wanted their hands soaked in the blood of thousands of dead and the continued persecution of Palestinians? If so, they seemed to have missed asking me?

It raises the bigger issue of what `hold’ does Israel have over major western nations that they willingly, turn a blind-eye to the obvious criminality of the Israeli state? This tiny little swath of land that has the credulity of democratic and human rights respecting nations demands the answer to the question: WHY?


Tommorow’s End?


As living witness to decades of global history in the making, present to experience several international, national and regional military wars and civil conflicts, human rights abuses; obvious environmental polluting and dissemination through strip mining, deforestation and, similar industrial-commercial level agricultural activity; the fundamental cause and purpose has been by the design and reasoning by those elected and/or appointed to objectively serve in the best interest of  majority of fellow earthly inhabitants but in truth, ultimately, represent a minority, monetarily powerful, greedy and, self-interested élite cabal.

History well documents the political rhetoric and spilled blood of past revolutionary uprising spawned by cycles of repression by those whom believe it possible to cultivate a socio-economic climate that renders majority of a nation’s Peoples a life of submission and servitude while reaping the major benefit of its productivity. Though the current global economic and social crisis seems ripe for instigation of a contemporary revolution, it need first face an increasingly invasive and purvasively intrusive advanced communication technology and security infrastructure, a malevolent response to contrived, counter-terrorism fears that are willingly embraced by naïve, il-informed, consumerist motivated generation of youth.

In direct response to the global financial melt-down commenced 2007 that persists to date, is the Occupy Movement. A spontaneous collaboration of predominantly middle-class citizens of all ages and disciplines, the poor and down-trodden marching, demonstrating in defiance to the greed and criminality of the financial institutions directly responsible for the crisis and, the ineptness of national governments to  equitably and lawfully hold said institutions accountable.  Truly, a national and global revolutionary movement against the world’s elite, captioned the ‘one-percent’, versus the `99-percent’ of global citizens represented by the Movement.

Political leaders of all affected nations wasted little time to make universally known; their allegiance is to the power élite by quashing the Occupy Movement  as quickly as it had started.

For any one person to not recognize and acknowledge the strategic state of chaos being manufactured and imposed under the guise of global terrorism and immanent financial collapse demanding the full submission and rendering of human-rights of all common People’s to the will and control of the power élite and their political minions, is to acknowledge their dire-state of ignorance and abdication from responsibility to allow for such a state.

Every sector comprising global, civil-society is in a dire state of flux: elected governmental authority, guardians to the rights of the People, are impudent in their leadership, unwilling to defy the tyranny of global financial institutions grown too large and powerful as to supersede even the force of civil-law; religious institution in the name of the Vatican, crumbling under the weight of scandal leading to the sudden retirement of the Pope, only to have occurred once ever before over 600 years ago; unrelenting pursuance and decimation of ‘whistle-blowers’, those among us whom moral state of consciousness demands they speak out against the establishment engaged in illegal, inhumane and immoral propriety.

It is the collective of all that could be wrong and corrosive to a healthy, well-functioning, morally free civil society that has embraced itself with and by consent of the few whom have usurped their authority and taken control.

The power of the ‘ill-doers’ is heavily entrenched, buttressed with an increasingly militarized police authority to support their definition of civil order; a heavily intrusive surveillance mechanism to thwart discontent at its inception; an acquiescent judicial and media community to dismay `whistle-blowers’ from speaking out; and, full control and manipulation of economies and money supply.

Given these dire and seemingly insurmountable odds against majority of humanity ever regaining their inalienable right to equality and pursuance of freedoms for a quality life and liberty to which all are born leads to ask: Is this witness to Tomorrow’s End ?.


oh Canada – what r u doing?


I emailed the following to the Leaders of Official Opposition as well as Harper and Baird to voice my discontent with the official Canadian policy on this troubling issue. If you wish to copy and send it be my guest:

November 30, 2012

Open Letter

Members, Official Opposition
Parliament of Canada

Subject: Canadian Opposition to UN Recognition of Statehood of Palestine

On November 29tth, 2012 Foreign Minister John Baird on behalf of the Harper Government on behalf of all Canadians, clearly voiced its opposition by voting against United Nations recognition of Palestine as a State with non-member, observer status. This is clearly in support of the non-statehood position held by the governments of Israel, the United States and, six other (unnamed) nations.  Mr. Baird went even further to speak to the assembly to propose that Canada would take further (non-specific) steps to impede the recognition for the State of Palestine.

Mr. Baird’s denouncement was equally and strongly pronounced by Susan Rice, United States UN Ambassador and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose respective responses made it clear the statehood of Palestine  ‘won’t change anything,’ 1.

Speaking not only as a Canadian citizen but too, a Global citizen; I have made an earnest effort to educate myself to the extent possible, going beyond the few minutes of daily reporting by national and international media, to understand what is obviously a very complex, geo-political situation that dates back centuries. The infusion of the obvious cultural and religious differences of the peoples of the region only serves to further mire and complicate any resolution to this conflict.

As implied here, the history of the dispute between the Arab Peoples of Palestine and Israel dates back principally, to 1948 with the United Nation’s recognition of the State of Israel, a settlement on Palestinian lands.  Since that historical decision the conflict has escalated proportionate to Israel policy to ‘settle’ more of former Palestine to the extent that today Israeli occupation represents the majority what can now be termed: former Palestinian land. (see map)2


If this doesn’t say it all

It is widely understood that the people and government of Israel lay claim to these lands on the strength of ancient Hebrew biblical and religious belief that these disputed lands are given them by God however; the contemporary issue goes beyond the dispute over land-rights to that of basic human rights and human dignity.

As reflected by the latest map (above) the citizens of the now formally recognized State of Palestine comprising Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, are militarily forced into substandard living conditions that are tantamount to that of concentration camps contained by a massive concrete barrier walls to delineate Palestine lands. Palestinian movement for work and commerce are policed and regulated by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) military checkpoints manned and monitored by conscripted young soldiers who are documented as being excessively abusive in the exercising of their official duties.

Surveys of the Israeli populace reflects the general tenor by a significant portion who are as equally tired and threatened by the volatility of the situation, that speaks to the eradication of the Palestinian Peoples completely; run them off the lands so the entire region will, once and forever, be Israel.3

The most recent conflict named Pillar of Defense by the IDF sparked by the assassination of a leading Hamas official lasting six days resulted in numerous casualties and though the toll varies according to source, it can confidently be stated that the ratio of Palestinian versus Israeli casualties is a minimum of 10:1 respectively. Too, the destruction of property and infrastructure are vastly disproportionate understandably since the hundreds of so-called missiles fired by  Hamas operatives represent nothing more then mediocre pipe-bombs versus the arsenal of United States sourced sophisticated, targeted rocket launchers and white-phosphorous cluster-bombs dropped by F-15 fighter jets.  The hypocracy of the IDF to state that all their targets were directed at Hamas militants only and the `collateral casualties’ attributed to Hamas using citizens as `human-shields’ is preposterous; given that there is effectively no way to differentiate official Hamas territory from that for the  balance of the Palestinian citizenry. Compounding this obvious imbalance is the sophisticated anti-rocket defense shield provided Israel by the United States named: Iron Dome to affectively protect the majority of Israeli citizens further supported by designated bomb-shelters. Unfortunately the only shielding and shelter for women and children of Gaza is the concrete roof over their heads that serves also to kill and injure with each volley of bombs and missiles.

Obviously the discussion to reflect the total imbalance and the obvious genocide inflicted on the People of Palestine goes beyond the issue of land rights; any legitimate, rational thinking and feeling human-being must be able to view what Israel, with the official support of the Harper Government (in defiance of reference as: Canadian Government), the United States and six other nations is humanely: WRONG!

To conclude: My frustration as a caring human-being, living in the wonderful country that is Canada, demands the denouncement of the HARPER GOVERNMENT and its illegal support for the actions of the State of Israel against the Peoples of  the State of Palestine further supported by the government of the United States.

As all Canadians are affected by the current policy position of the HARPER GOVERNMENT supporting the State of Israel and its occupation policies; a referendum oriented debate should be demanded by the Official Parliamentary Opposition on behalf all Canadians to reflect a National policy view to this globally-affecting, important issue.

Canadian Citizen

NOV 30th, 2012: CBC INTERVIEW WITH CND MINISTER FOREIGN AFFAIRS Recalling Diplomats: John Baird______________________________________________________________________________
1  Canadian Broadcasting Reporting November 29, 2012
2  Parables of Zion: Maps of Israel/Palestine tell the Real Story
3. Survey: Most Israeli Jews would support apartheid regime in Israel
3. YouTube Search: Israeli vs Palestinian…0.0…1ac.1.T4LXBaJjkQs


naykd poet tweets


The attached file is a pdf of tweets posted over a period of several months. They make for easy and ideally, entertaining reading.





The agenda for NATO and coalition nations at the behest of United States Foreign policy defined by nuclear armed Zionist Israel, is self-evident to the informed and astute observer of what has and continues to transpire throughout the Middle East.

The contrived insurrections by factions of Tribes and religious sects long known for their decades-old, feuding differences at the hands of sophisticated covert CIA, SIS and MOSAD operations (as well as specific Arab-States) is delivering on their long conceived goals and objectives which, simply stated, amounts to the total defragmenting of long standing regimes starting in Iraq and progressing to the current conflict in Syria and, destined to conclude in Iran.

This malicious plan to action is designed to render Israel the dominant military and economic power in the region guaranteeing western oil-hungry nations safe and unrestricted access to precious Oil reserves long into the future. The added economic benefit to these conflicts falls to major, globally-based corporations that stand at the ready to rebuild all that has been destroyed in the process.

At present Israel is decimating Gaza with sophistacted weaponry purchased from the United States on the pretext of defending its people from home-made bombs,mortars and rockets. The casualties suffered by the Palestinian’s of Gaza is at a ratio of, at minimum,10:1 yet western based, mainstream media reports paint the Peoples of Israel as the victims. Hamas, the central target excusing the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)for inflicting this atrocity upon Gaza is the construct of MOSAD to counter the former Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) headed by Yasser Arafat whose death is now subject of controversy suggesting he may have been assassinated.

Though Israel and its complicit allies may ultimately succeed in their plans to obliterate the presence of Arabs throughout the Middle East or, at minimum, hold them in a state of servitude living in squallier; in the end there is no true winner.

The reason for this dire conclusion: the world Peoples regardless of State, will be obliged to live under ever increasing scrutiny and oppressive security that defiles their privilege of civil liberties and freedoms due to the unending threat imposed by factions that are certain to arise by affected Arab Peoples, regardless of State of origin.



BLOW BACK – A PBS 1987 broadcast states clearly why the there is a growing, dangerous situation in IRAN. It is essential to understand how an illegitimate, US intervention in the affairs of IRAN some 60 years ago, to STEAL the control of their resources, is the root-cause for potential conflict TODAY. The ongoing meddling by the US and its allies in the affairs of other sovereign nations has cost countless lives all for the GREED OF MONEY AND POWER

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