The agenda for NATO and coalition nations at the behest of United States Foreign policy defined by nuclear armed Zionist Israel, is self-evident to the informed and astute observer of what has and continues to transpire throughout the Middle East.

The contrived insurrections by factions of Tribes and religious sects long known for their decades-old, feuding differences at the hands of sophisticated covert CIA, SIS and MOSAD operations (as well as specific Arab-States) is delivering on their long conceived goals and objectives which, simply stated, amounts to the total defragmenting of long standing regimes starting in Iraq and progressing to the current conflict in Syria and, destined to conclude in Iran.

This malicious plan to action is designed to render Israel the dominant military and economic power in the region guaranteeing western oil-hungry nations safe and unrestricted access to precious Oil reserves long into the future. The added economic benefit to these conflicts falls to major, globally-based corporations that stand at the ready to rebuild all that has been destroyed in the process.

At present Israel is decimating Gaza with sophistacted weaponry purchased from the United States on the pretext of defending its people from home-made bombs,mortars and rockets. The casualties suffered by the Palestinian’s of Gaza is at a ratio of, at minimum,10:1 yet western based, mainstream media reports paint the Peoples of Israel as the victims. Hamas, the central target excusing the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)for inflicting this atrocity upon Gaza is the construct of MOSAD to counter the former Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) headed by Yasser Arafat whose death is now subject of controversy suggesting he may have been assassinated.

Though Israel and its complicit allies may ultimately succeed in their plans to obliterate the presence of Arabs throughout the Middle East or, at minimum, hold them in a state of servitude living in squallier; in the end there is no true winner.

The reason for this dire conclusion: the world Peoples regardless of State, will be obliged to live under ever increasing scrutiny and oppressive security that defiles their privilege of civil liberties and freedoms due to the unending threat imposed by factions that are certain to arise by affected Arab Peoples, regardless of State of origin.

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