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You Tube Conspiracy


Life can impose a path, not for choosing;
For sake of answers that remain looming;
Leading to a destiny worthy of reality’s loosing;
Not a choice everyone is capable consuming.

Mysteries are mysteries designed for deceiving;
Masters of the message promulgate their believing;
Truth to answers’ lying worthy of conceding;
Security to reason demanding ongoing breeding.

Confusion, misinformation, fact element destroyed;
You Tube invented to discredit by way to joy;
The reality joke is the brain is now their little toy;
Convolution, the mechanism most assuredly employed.


Climate Change: 21st Century Tool for Eugenics?

Image result for mass graves
As if humans are not doing a good enough job killing one another by means of ceaseless war on the spectrum scale of regional, civil unrest to full-out international war; now there is the prospect of massive global extinction due to man-made climate change.

As the political or scientific debate whether human industrial and/or civil expansion erodes the natural elements essential to support life, be that human or animal, one aspect of the direction the purported climate change scenario suggests taking humanity which evades discussion: could this be part of an elitist plan to systematically reduce global human population? What eugenicists euphemistically refer to by their motto: “Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution”.

As ridiculous as this may sound, realistically, is it beyond the scope of the super-rich, the one-percent, not to consider the significant opportunity changes/shift in global ecology to render a depletion of human life, on a significant scale?

Whom amongst the greater global population has the financial, physical means and, incentive to see this happen? And, amongst them are the greatest proponents to climate change denial: right-wing conservative politicians whose campaigns for election and re-election are funded by the said one-percent.

Arguably, climate change is a global concern involving more than western politicians advocating or against the effects of climate change, however, the tentacle influence(s) of the super-rich supersedes national boundaries combined with the pathological mindset of career politicians, moot becomes the argument.

Though this suggestion falls within the realm of `conspiracy theory’, much, since the advent of the Internet, has been made public regarding massive underground bunkers throughout the globe being constructed and supplied for no significantly apparent reason other than anticipation of a major unforeseen, global event. The theory on these bases has been purposely or not, convoluted with the presence of extraterrestrial beings and the UFO conspiracy.

As with any and all extremist concepts promulgated and premised on hypothetical and unsubstantiated evidence relegating it to the realm of conspiracy theory, ideas such as that being presented here can only await the test of time to render a verdict to its veracity. In the mean time extreme weather conditions, droughts, massive human migrations due to erosion of cultivated lands, incidences of blithe and decease will be fodder for the mainstream media to report as natural occurrences and, for independent journalist and authors to fill pages of unread books.


1.The motto “Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution” was part of the logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics, held in 1921. Popular Eugenics: National Efficiency and American Mass Culture in the 1930s Susan Currell, Christina Cogdell Ohio University Press, 2006 – History – 406 pages
2.Google Search `Underground bases”:


Cause Célèbre

With trenchant words, raising of symbolic clenched fist;
Calling for others of conscience, to readily enlist;
To stir and fight against mounting, shackling flaws;
Of imposed servitude beneath burden of legislated laws.

Laws conspired by those whom have assumed control;
Enacted by electoral minions whose soul they’ve stole;
Their devious, social, global plan long ago contrived;
For dominance of power through wealth, kept, eternally alive.

This fallacy of dominance held, can no longer be sustained;
Increasing numbers of humanity are unwilling to be gamed;
Ancient tools for control employed over centuries past,
Are no longer effective, their time to end has come at last.

Exposure to hidden knowledge has unlocked the shackles;
No longer is humanity willing to be treated as wealth’s chattel;
Society’s undoing will be this 21st century `cause célèbre’;
A period those whom now reign, will come to dread.


This Ancient Cabal Exposed


As the curtain rises to the second decade of this 21st century play,
Self-appointed actors to an ancient cabal, in want for their position to stay,
Perform scripted roles penned to climax in a whirlwind of chaos’ confusion;
Enthralling humanity, a gullible audience, to applaud infusion of contrived delusion.

Insipid yet insidious are the maneuverings of the elevated few;
Spawned from ancestral prophecy, of ancient hope, to future’s due.
To stir up in the belly of the common man, a militarist fervor;
Sparking a patriotic flame, the call to be the nation’s preserver.

The seeds to disparity were sown in the fertile minds of early men;
Lost to certainty of reason, though desperate for want to defend.
Succumbing to subterfuge of wisdom professed by those of devious goal;
To devalue natural born intuition, relegating it to folly, a fallow field to sow.

As repugnant and cynical this worldview held, may be to others;
This truth herein spoken lies evident, exposed, without faintness of cover.
Though it is to eyes open and, with mind not yet diluted or constrained;
To know the seeds of disparity meant to divide, giving rise to battle, is for powers of the wealthy to be sustained.

Praise of common goodness over evil is demanded for global humanity to survive,
To shed the devious propagandist notion of what it means to be truly alive;
By challenging this unscrupulous cabal, to redeem future generation’s salvation;
Once and forever, delivering the evil-doers to realm of permanent damnation.


An Accepted Theory?



Immersed in the history treading madness that is this earthly existence, questioning the irrational rationality that yields no qualitative answer evokes emotions beyond description; fomenting a resolve toward disengagement of intellectual processes’ attempt to decipher reason toward objective definition of humanity’s purpose of being within the context of principles of synergistic, symbiotic relevance speculated to be the orchestrated product of a divine, omnipresent  ethereal entity; an arguably acceptable theory that is proving to be failing miserably.



Purpose In Creation


Inspired by a talk given by Matthew Fox, not the actor but  American Episcopal priest and theologian

Purpose In Creation

Washed from the incipient minds of generational youth;
The proven though mystical, spiritual wisdom of the past,
Systematically euthanized, obliterated from reality’s realm,
Sublimated by mechanistic values, redefining existence,
Transitioning, by times passage, toward general acceptance
Of a singularity that eludes humanity’s native purpose in Creation.

The future to this pervasive truth is humanity’s ultimate, global defeat:
Erosion of empathy toward idealism of callous disregard;
Diffusion of the precept that Earth is an eco-system;
A synergistic, cellular embodiment essential for creation of life
Enlisting acceptance to the ultimate spiritual truth:

Extinction to one facet of Being derives death for ALL!


Blank Page




Blank Page

A blank page lays before me waiting to be blemished with markings representing some semblance of meaning in the form of words that will express my thoughts in a fashion of form and order that will with luck and exposure, conjure a response within the known and ideally yet to be known, spectrum of human emotion (I would include aliens but they’re not suppose to exist) yet to know exactly what those words ought to be is not exactly clear to me so my intention from this point forward is to basically put down the words as they manifest in that part of my brain responsible for such activity with the hope that I won’t forget what those words are by the time they reach the finger tips of my hands that take on the charge of pushing the keys to the keypad with further hope that I don’t misspell or misuse any specific word such that it throws off any potential reader from realizing the relevance of this piece that appears to be materializing to my astonishment, right before my eyes and further, that the imperative of proper grammar and punctuation is appropriately emphasized and not over done as has been known to occur in past writings that unlike this writing were constructed with a premeditated thought of purpose guiding its development be it a poem, prose or even short story that I am known by those who know me, to have written and several of them I may add, though much of them have yet to be widely distributed for critical review, a review that may prove too harmful to my fragile psyche were the critique to be less then flattering potentially giving rise to not writing anything more – full stop

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