Purpose In Creation


Inspired by a talk given by Matthew Fox, not the actor but  American Episcopal priest and theologian

Purpose In Creation

Washed from the incipient minds of generational youth;
The proven though mystical, spiritual wisdom of the past,
Systematically euthanized, obliterated from reality’s realm,
Sublimated by mechanistic values, redefining existence,
Transitioning, by times passage, toward general acceptance
Of a singularity that eludes humanity’s native purpose in Creation.

The future to this pervasive truth is humanity’s ultimate, global defeat:
Erosion of empathy toward idealism of callous disregard;
Diffusion of the precept that Earth is an eco-system;
A synergistic, cellular embodiment essential for creation of life
Enlisting acceptance to the ultimate spiritual truth:

Extinction to one facet of Being derives death for ALL!

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