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tash can

Becoming lost to the magic of written words
Shrewdly made to amuse, others to disturb
Absorbed by their meaning, being consumed
Ignoring distractions, obstacles to attention, that loom

A transfixing story that weaves a scrutable tale
Transporting to nether worlds, excitement to prevail
A tome’s obsession taken to ignoring the fading light
Eyes strained, avoiding and having to make it right

Constructed passages that make emotions rise and fall
Words cleverly composed to melody, heard by all
This mystical and wondrous gift to story’s creation
Becomes testament to a writer’s life – affirmation.


A Guiding Hand?


A guiding hand offered to another without condition
May garner results for which there is no provision
Leading to a need to alter, to make revision
To one’s approach when influencing another’s position

In the end, each mind is shaped toward its destiny,
Often with life’s choices made without consistency;
Some guided by faith of luck, other’s, faith of divinity,
Rendering an outcome that is beyond prescription of remedy.

So one need consider when dealing human behavior,
The lack of results need not be confused with failure;
For outward signs of change are not there to savor,
As each individual, ultimately, is its own and only saviour.


A Bond Born


Freely dancing in the tall grass glade
Memory music shared – reality fades
Wildflowers – vivid colors cascade
Happiness in this moment made

Summer heat on naked skin beams
Lover’s passion kisses – those of dreams
Senses nourished ‘til ecstasy screams
Drifting afloat waves silent – serene

Entwined bodies mimic wind’s spiral
Sharing life energies with no denial
Promises made to test their trial
A love-bond born beyond chance to defile


Ultimate Gift

cp  tree of wisdom

Naykd, I lay awake with my thoughts;
Mind-farts, from anguish to joy, brought;
Far too often, not of matters sought
But, facing my reality, all I’ve got.

Relief, derived by expelling the curse;
Expunged to avoid a mental burst;
Once experienced, knowing its worst;
Alternative, is the last ride in a hearse.

Joy and good wishes to all those whom can,
That is; putting thoughts of randomness to pen;
Whether words of wisdom or condition to defend;
It’s the ultimate gift to they whom can’t; depend.


thoughts de jour



Let all-seeing blind providence lead me down the path where there is no road.

Beyond fates unknowing misgivings, let chance guide the way, unforgiving.

Hope borne from faith of belief renders consequence without consequence.

Challenge be the metaphor for insight not yet fathomed, though fully understood.

Credence established is vanity’s beguiling when wisdom’s influence diminishes.

After posting `thought’s de jour’ I realized these phrases, call them what you will, came to me rather spontaneously, with little true, conscious thought. This made me wonder if it might be an anagram of sorts, leading to a greater message. (Stop laughing here)

So taking the first word of each phrase, form a sentence and see if there is any meaning to be taken:

Let Beyond Hope, Challenge Credence

Beyond Hope, Let Credence Challenge

Let Credence Challenge Beyond Hope

Replacing Credence with its meaning:

Let credibility/belief Challenge Beyond Hope


Who knows, just a thought – dejour<?>

copyright 2015



Memories Pleasure

Michael Illing2

With mixed emotions I view a photo from the past
That tells the story of a love deep, yet did not last;
Only with time passing to weigh the full cost
Does one fully realize, the value lost;
So rare are opportunity to find love true,
With one whom shares equally with you;
Precious are these memories left to treasure
Yet, they garner a mixed sense of pleasure.


Compositions’ Reality


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