Dichotomy In The Human Experience

Like the planet, spinning, spiraling outward along with its cousin planets comprising this spacial galaxy, fueled by the energy of its central body Sun traveling through the dark void of space; the events comprising the history of Earth’s current epoch of human inhabitants, ravel timelessly toward an unknown destiny.

Each twenty-four hour cycle of Earth’s excursion toward the unknown speaks to the life stories of its seven-billion inhabitants. Stories that compose the nature of human existence within the fragile environment to which it has been mysteriously born. Stories diligently recorded and maintained over centuries of time-measured yet, authored for an unknown audience for it is evident through humanity’s ability to repeat its failings, to heed lessons taught through life-experience.

Contention surrounds the prospect that destiny plays important in the flow and ebb of human experience, a guiding energy toward an as-yet, unfathomable outcome. Though, is the daily expunging of countless, individual human lives by self-inflicted carnage and suffering expressed in wildly imaginable constructs excuse-able by such unsubstantiated reason?

The stain of evilness embodies each living soul demanding conscious effort to entomb within, to refuse succumbing to its destructive potential. Though many of human populace willingly oblige and acquiesce to the few and powerful belligerent, abusing forces within its realm; and, those whom are brave to oppose such evilness are effectively and ceremoniously stifled in their effort.

The progressive evolution of human experience too is evidenced daily reinforcing the perception that humanity at its core  holds to ideals exercised as humane and goodly acts.

It is this perplexing dichotomy in human nature compounded by the inability to clearly define purpose to presence on Earth that both propels and stifles the human experience and progressive evolution, unrestricted to its fullest potential.

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