It Seems Inevitable…


The CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) recent News story spoke to the despair, heart-ache and suffering experienced by one of the many victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing incident.  The narrative and accompanying video clip was effective in stirring  sympathy and compassion for what this individual and no-doubt all victims and their families, have had to endure.

It is difficult to understand how the People of the United States can expect immunity from the detrimental affects of aggression enacted in their name. For it is their democratically elected government, to whom they entrust powers to commit to acts of war, economic sanctions and other forms of provocation upon other nations.

World War II netted the United States to be the most powerful military and economic nation of the planet.  The United States maintaining its global leadership position during the five decades preceding commencement of the 21st century, embarked upon several foreign policy initiatives strictly for ridding the world of any semblance of communism/socialist influence.  This decisive policy purportedly the impetus to conflicts arising first in the early 1950’s with North Korea supported by communist China and still an issue ; early in the 1960’s North Vietnam also with the support of China, advancing into the south; in the early 1960’s, confrontation with the Soviet Union over the Cuban Missile crisis; in the late 1980’s, an advisory role supporting newly established Al-Qaeda in defence of Afghanistan against Soviet Union advances. The irony in each of these conflicts is the realization that in the end, the United States with all its financial and military might, effectively failed to reach its stated foreign policy goals in each instance of conflict. Arguably, the beneficial outcome of retarding if not stopping advances of socialist communism in these regions by US led initiatives, could have been achieved with less destruction and loss of life through United Nations’ economic sanctions and diplomacy. Lastly, though not related to socialist communism; at the beginning of the 1990’s saw the annihilation of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein forces instigated by its advances into Kuwait oil fields only to render a state of wide-spread destruction of important national infrastructure and to subsequently lead to incitement of wide-spread sectarian violence throughout the Middle East today.

The destruction of the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001 purportedly enacted by Islamic extremist is the first major incident post WW II to occur within the national United States resulting in the loss of approximately three-thousand innocent lives and serious injury to many more. The next and only major incident deemed an act of Islamic related terrorism is the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing with the death of three and serious injury to more than two-hundred.

Unacceptable as the loss of life and injury is to innocent victims; it is difficult to arouse too much sympathy for the United States as a whole when put into context of the number of innocent lives taken by it and its allies, military forces and most recent, its active Drone program; all in the name of advancing democracy when the true objective is the advancement of Capitalism.

At no other time has the reality to what drives United States and complicit global allies foreign policy been so evident: the Corporate-Capitalist-State.

The power of American multi-national corporations in their insatiable quest to render all nations’ resources and their Peoples subservient has proven to usurp the true essence of social democracy the United States and like nations, purport to profess through political rhetoric.

In prior decades the ruthless advancement of the corporate state was reserved for those beyond US shores however, since the engineered global financial collapse of 2007-08, it has become fully evident within the national United States.

In conclusion, relating to one of the basic laws of physics: for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction; the Peoples of the United States and for that matter, all Nation’s complicit in acts of aggression with similar capitalistic motivations, should take heed and, unless they, through their democratic, electoral processes, impose upon their government(s), re-examination of the status quo to foreign policy initiatives and, to which entity of authority is to be given the power to direct into the future, it seems obvious that there is likely to be more senseless loss of life and destruction of property. It seems inevitable.

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