WARNING: Adult Sexually Related Content

With high unemployment, with rising costs of living in urban centers,  many, especially young men, are forced into situations they otherwise would not consider but, when true hardship falls upon them, they do what is needed to survive: HUSTLE!

Wanton, lustful bodies in darkened shadows

Hiding from vice’s glaring light;

Here to pay for my tomorrows,

Fucking men in the Park, each night.

I know it’s morally wrong

But, this is my burden plight,

I’ve had to take to gay hustling;

The work is dirty but, the pay is right.

Married or straight, they have their need

For thick hard dick, an insatiable want;

If they’re willing to pay, to feed,

My naked long cock; I’m willing to flaunt.

In the end, there is no true winner;

I get the money I need with some regret,

They, the burden-guilt of the sinner;

Yet both into darkness, our paths are met.

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