Born Killers


Are we all sons and daughters of KILLERS!

Yes, a rather harsh statement though, arguably, there is some truth to this observation.

Dating back to days of primordial-man, the male of the species, given strength of stature relative to that presumed of his female counterpart, assumed the roll of hunter-gatherer and protector of the clan unit from predators. This killer instinct fueled by high levels of testosterone, though tempered over time, remains within our genetic heredity. Frankly, we are the direct descendents of those whom the `killer instinct’ has and arguably still is, an essential component to survival.

In consideration to this hypothesis, one need recognize the psychological implication(s) associated with, over the millennia, by male characterization as `machismo’, principally derived from the demands imposed on him.  A role ultimately proven as successful, amongst other obvious factors, given a global population of over six-billion humans today.

History supports the notion that Man as in `Male’, is imbued with a propensity to be aggressive and harsh or, the staunch defender, protector, when faced with conflict. As implied above; it is inherent in his evolutionary DNA. However, in light of 21st century advances is this established, historical  role of `Male’ still relevant? Is it time for a new era of `feminism’  to assume a more commanding role in shaping human consciousness on a global scale?

Female participation in regions of organization and position of power to decide, presently dominated and heralded as the Male’s role, is on the increase.  Globally, women are taking and occupying relevant, leadership roles in all facets of human life as politicians and chiefs of commerce and industry.

In the period leading up to the much hyped world altering events of Dec. 21st 2012, many  mystics and astrologist promoted the notion that post 2012, a gradual transition of non-physical consciousness from left-brain (male) to right-brain (female) will commence and promulgate into the century.  Unfortunately, statistically, this has not materialized especially in the northern hemisphere as depicted by the following: Source: Grant Thornton International Business Report 2012

women chrt 1
(Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/women-worldwide-still-struggle-to-break-into-leadership-roles-2012-3?op=1
Possibly the first clue failure to the notion that Females will assume a greater leadership role in world affairs manifest with the failure of Hilary Clinton to win the leadership nomination during 2012 United States Democratic Party Presidential Primary. Nor was she considered (or possibly refused) the position of Vice-President but then became the United States Secretary of State and subsequently retired to John Kerry in early 2013. It is rumored that Clinton will run for nomination in the 2016 Primary.

In the ensuing period other nations have observed a significant percentage of women in leadership positions. Possibly most surprising of these is Russia leading all major nations at 46 percent versus Canada and the United States combined, at 18 percent. The global average is 21 percent.

women chrt 2 Source: Grant Thornton International Business Report 2012

Going beyond the prophetic notions of mystics and astrological cosmic prediction, in the end, the ultimate question truly is: whether the leadership of nations, corporations and human organizations by either women or men and, the notion of right versus left brain consciousness attributed to both respectively, has significance in the performance and product of such leadership?

Several peer reviewed studies have been conducted to address this question and their findings suggest the differences on the whole as in-conclusive. Principally the assignment of predominately right-brain function to women versus left-brain to men, is unsupported. Factors such as contextual environment play a significant role in responses given by either gender.

For example `A self-assessment Internet survey was conducted by Brack and Zhang on Neuro-politics.com ‘  assessing Mean Left versus Right brain responses of Liberal, Moderate and Conservative Males versus Females produced  the following results:

[Abbreviations: Female Liberal (FL), Female Moderate (FM), Female Conservative (FC), Male Liberal (ML), Male Moderate (MM), and Male Conservative (MC).]

women chrt 3

women chrt 4

To fully explore the question goes beyond the scope of this essay and a general search of the Internet will produce significant results to ameliorate the subject.  To gain a full explanation of the variances presented by the above charts follow this link:

To conclude, it is suggested that whether males or females dominate position of power at any level of human civilized organization, ultimately it is the humanity within them to overcome the inherent, human propensity to extort any element of human emotion and psychology upon their fellow humans. Only time and record of history remains to know the truth to the suggestions we are born KILLERS.



© Naykdpoet 2014

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