Dumpster-Divers: A People’s Revolution




Living in a small rural lake-side community in Southern Ontario, many who live here year round are often of modest means including myself hence, some have found interesting ways to augment their meager incomes by pursuing a practice of Dumpster-diving. Though I have heard this term referenced some time ago, I never thought that I would ever experience the practice; at least not til the other day when I was invited to join a neighbor friend to do just that.  This compelled me to write the following poem to honor this new experience and one I most certainly intend on repeating:

Dumpster-Divers: A People’s Revolution

The refuse of others is there to be had
What is consciously wasted can drive you mad
But we dumpster-divers, we’re mighty glad
Our best of hopes is for this to go beyond just a fad

From clothing to computers it’s there for the taking
The bounty of goods is the land-fills forsaking
The practice proves environmental change in the making
Even still, some societal laws we are considered breaking

A new era of impoverished peoples is overtaking the globe
The gap between have and have-not is alarmingly beginning to unfold
And like the garbage, the poor are being mercilessly left in the cold
Possibly the roots to a People’s Revolution, future generation will be told.

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