Poetic Lethargy

Embarking upon this new year 2013, after decades of writing and amassing hundreds of poems, prose and a variety of essay on a spectrum of topic; you might say my `muse to the moment’ so expressed, I have decided when warranted, to provide a preamble to what is posted with the intent of adding context or background. Ideally this will add a touch of `color’ to better illustrate the reason or understanding to the posting’s content.

To this end, here is the first of the 2013 series:

As any writer, author, I experience from time to time a sense of frustration stemming from the seeming inability to attract critical attention to my works.  This garners a sense that what is being written is inadequate, superfluous, non-relevant yet, for some unfathomable reason, like an addiction to recreational drugs, I continue to spoon out page after page of material.  This frustration from time to time must be expelled by expressing it in written form – a catharsis if you will.  Hence, the following:

Poetic Lethargy

Much to write, much to say
This my life, has become the way
Yet, not one heeds the words wrote
Let alone, the words spoke.

There is no special wisdom or insight to behold
But to transcend what my consciousness is told,
The unknown words of thought brought to the light of day,
Leaving to others to interpret what they have to say.

So what becomes of this poetic lethargy?
How to release the creative energy,
To dispel the thoughts, those that come to mind
With want only to make see, the literary blind?

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