2013 purported to be a magic-marker, the embarking into a golden-age yet,  at the strike of midnight, all is found to be the `same old way‘.   Will it not take more then the change of calendar dates for humanity to alter its destructive path, to recognize all that preceded December 31st, 2012 was, is, of its choosing and doing?

Increasingly immersed in the flood of technological gadgetry to mask the pain, suffering and emotional detachment, individually the collective grows blind and calloused to any promise of correction to the apathy that has metastasized the human consciousness.

True this brief diatribe sounds pathetically negative but, it is born from disappointment and frustration that what has yet to unfold in the promised days of 2013 is more likely then not, to be an amplified replay of 2012 and decades preceding. Should this pessimistic projection be ultimately proven wrong, no one would be more pleased then myself.

This all said, all the best to any and all whose eyes and mind encounter this posting.

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