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Nature’s Song Fading

The Nature of Things - SongbirdSOS

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Nature’s earthly realm is dying with each passing day;
Humanity, collectively, chooses to look the other way;
Ignoring the warnings echoed by what science has to say;
Witnessed by the fading, beauty song nature loves to play.

Divergent minds’ relentless debate of causes and the effects
While extremes of rain-soaked floods to drought are there to detect
That something significant is happening, a sure winning bet;
Leading to an obvious outcome, future generations will be left to regret.

Dire news of destruction to upset each night’s dinner plate
Serves to detract from gaining remedy but likely to infuriate;
Fuelled by the incessant arguing the mindless like to instigate
While the world around consumes precious time remaining to mitigate.

Global rising temperatures melt ancient glaciers that once stood tall;
Countless species of wildlife are going extinct by this mindless stall
To take decisive action to avoid global civilization’s final fall;
What greater event than the permanent silence of nature’s song call?





Fall winds’ bluster, shake-down the trees;
Turning them barren of their glorious leaves.

Winter’s gale, cold, damp, soon to arrive;
Six long months to strive, to stay alive.

Each season’s passing spawns a new regret,
Leaving to wonder; what future weather will threat.

As yesterday’s experience offers no mental relief;
Knowing tomorrow’s memory serves to be brief.

Climate change, global warming; offer more insecurity;
Meteorological projections accused of extreme absurdity.

Human-nature in this realm renders endless discourse, debate;
All the while, it’s Mother-nature, that truly directs humanity’s fate.

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